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All for the science test

What are some characteristics of protists? Eukaryotic, plant-like fungi-like or animal-like, heterotrophic, autotrophic.
Are protozoans animal-like fungi-like or plant-like? Animal-like.
What does protozoans mean? Little animal.
What do protozoans use to digest food? Vacuoles.
How are protozoans grouped? The way they move.
What happens when protozoans eat? What do they release? What can the chemical help? They release nitrogen, this can help higher creatures.
Name 10 protists. Phytoplankton, slime molds, water molds, blepharisma, amoeba, euglena, dinoflagellates, diatoms, spirogyra, Giardia.
What causes red-tide? Dinoflagellates.
What is multicellular algae classified by? Their color.
What is binary fission? A way of doubling DNA then splitting to reproduce. This is asexual.
What is conjugation? Two protists exchanging DNA to create a genetically different offspring. This is sexual.
Name a parasitistic protist. Trypanosoma.
What is a fungi? A Eukaryotic Heterotrophic, that have rigid cell walls and no chlorophyll.
How do fungi get their nutrients? Most are decomposers, some are parasites.
What is the relationship between a tree and a Fungus called? Mycorrhiza
What are hyphe (singular hypha)? network of thin thread-like structures that form the body of a fungus
What is mycelium? A mass if fungal filaments, or hyphae, that forms the body of a fungus.
What is a spore? A reproductive cell or multicellular structure that is resistant to stressful environmental conditions and that can develop into an adult without fusing with another cell
What are the 4 groups of fungi? Threadlike, Sac, Club, and imperfect fungi
Where do most threadlike fungi live? Underground and are decomposers
What is the biggest group of fungi? Sac Fungi
How do yeasts reproduce? Budding
What are Lichens? A fungus and an organism with chlorophyll that live together
Name as many plant characteristics as you can. Try to get the main ones. Main ones- Autotrophic, Eukaryotic, Multicellular, Lack power of locomotion- Cell wall Square cells Cell membrane Cuticle(Waxy layer that keeps it from drying out) Reproduces with embryos
What's vascular and non-vascular? Vascular- uses tube structures to transport water Non-vascular- uses no tube structures
Describe the two different tubes in vascular and the direction. Phloem carries food down Xylem carries water up
Make a flow of classification. non-vascular(Ex: mosses) -PLANTS- vascular -seedless(reproduce with spores) and seeds(the breaks into Angiosperms[flowers] and Gymnosperms[cones])
Label the top, middle, and bottom parts of moss. Sporophyte, leaf-like structures, rhizoid
What's the formula for photosynthesis? 6co2(carbon dioxide) + h20(water) + energy = c6h12o2(glucose) and 6o2(oxygen)
Non-vascular plants must live where? How do they move their water? In moist environments; they move their water from algae plant to algae plant
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