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Forensics Exam

trial judge the "gatekeeper" that determines the admissibility and reliability of scientific evidence
criminal and civil laws forensic science is the application of science to what?
gender of victim the rate of cooling of a dead body will never be influenced by what?
arson bite marks would be least likely to be found in cases involving what?
toxicology unit which unit has the responsibility for the examination of body fluids and organs for the presence of drugs and poisons?
Galton who undertook the first definitive study of fingerprints as a method of personal identification?
teeth forensic odontology refers to the study of what?
Locard who came up with the exchange of evidence principle?
increase in drug-related arrests, Supreme Court decisions in the 1960s, staggering increase in crime rates in the US, advent of DNA profiling what can be rightfully cited as an explanation for the rapid growth of crime labs in the last 25 years?
Lattes who devised a technique for determining the blood group of dried bloodstain, which he applied to criminal investigations?
1-1 1/2 degrees F per hour post mortem interval
rigor mortis stiffness of death
formal degree in forensic science an expert witness is not required to have what?
Orfilia father of forensic toxicology
FBI which entity maintains the largest crime lab in the world?
fingerprint analysis what would not be included in the work of the biology unit of a crime lab?
Doyle the fictional character of Sherlock Holmes was created by whom?
matching teeth to a bitemark what is not part of forensic anthropology
analyze evidence and serve as an expert witness two major duties of a forensic scientist in a crime lab
US postal inspection service which federal crime lab is responsible for document analysis
Alabama dept of forensic sciences, auburn what is the crime lab system currently operating in the state of Alabama, and where are the headquarters located?
DEA the federal crime lab responsible for the analysis of drugs seized in violation of federal laws regulating the production, sale and transportation of drugs
Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives federal agency that has responsibility for examining weapons, explosive devices, and related evidence received in conjunction with enforcement of the Gun Control Act of 1968
pathologist determines cause and manner of death
odontologist identifies people from their teeth
anthropologist analyzes bone fragments
psychiatrist determines competency to stand trial
engineer determines causes and origins of fires and explosions
entomologist studies the relation of insects to criminal investigation
Fourth the removal of any evidence from a person or from the crime scene must be done in conformity with the privileges of which amendment to the constitution?
secure the scene the first officer arriving at a crime scene, after providing or obtaining medical assistance for the injured and effecting an arrest of suspects, should immediately do what?
photographs, sketches, and note taking the most basic methods of crime scene recording
packaged in air tight glass jar charred debris from an arson scene should be
depict injuries and weapons at scene if the crime scene includes a dead body, the photographer should
hepatitis B and AIDS the presence of blood and semen at crime scenes exposes investigators to what?
in the process of a legal arrest the police are not required to obtain a search warrant if they are
produce a finished crime scene sketch CAD programs enhance the ability to
permit comparisons to be made with the evidence the collection of standard reference samples at the crime scene is important bc they
at the scene of the crime note taking is done
zone which crime scene search pattern is most appropriate for a crime committed indoors?
sketch of the suspects a rough sketch does not need to include what?
to retain complete control of evidence at all times the purpose of documenting chain of custody of evidence is what?
grid, line, zone, and spiral search methods of a scene
chain of custody list of people in possession of an item of evidence
corpus delicti body of crime
first responder police officer responding to a 911 call
modus operandi offender's pattern of operation
druggist fold method for packaging powder or fiber
physical evidence hair, blood, glass, soil, paint
buccal swab swab of inner portion of cheek
substrate control uncontaminated surface material near physical evidence
standard sample physical evidence of known origin for comparison
linkage theory method of solving crime by matching a suspect to physical evidence
the standard reference sample does not share characteristics with evidence at the crime scene physical evidence can be used to exonerate or exclude a person from suspicion if
lab results obtained by the criminalists working on the case, input from medical examiner, accounts given by witnesses and supsects, the story told by evidence recovered at crime scene crime scene reconstruction requires the piecing together of what?
dental impressions forensic databases are not maintained for what?
trial judge crime scene reconstruction does not involve who?
exonerate an innocent suspect evidence having class characteristics can
whether or not they have a common origin a comparison analysis subjects a suspect specimen and a control specimen to the same tests and examinations for the ultimate purpose of determining what?
identification determining that an explosive mixture contains dynamite is an example of what process?
CODIS the computerized database used to store DNA information
individualized evidence that is shown to be derived from a unique source
probability frequency of occurrence of an event
the jury who ultimately determines the significance of physical evidence in a trial?
product rule multiplying together the frequencies of independently occurring genetic markers to obtain an overall frequency of occurrence for a genetic profile
liter basic unit for volume
float if an object is immersed in a liquid of greater density, it will do what?
the side and rear windows of autos manufactured in US tempered glass is used where?
density flotation is a method used by scientists to determine the ______ of a particle of glass
is wider on the exit side when a bullet penetrates a panel of glass, it leaves a crater-shaped hole that
comparison of dried soil sample for color and texture what is the logical first step in soil analysis?
fitting the pieces together like a puzzle which property is useful in determining the individual characteristics of a sample of glass?
laminated glass this type of glass is strengthened by sandwiching a layer of plastic between two pieces of soda-lime glass
glass an amorphous solid composed of silicon oxides mixed with various metal oxides
mineral naturally occurring crystalline solid
soil any disintegrated surface material, both natural and artificial that lies on or near the earth's surface
density-gradient tubes technique frequently used to compare soils
refraction the bending of a light wave as it passes from one medium to another
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