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physical earth vocab

physical earth vocal

Anticline a ridge shaped fold of stratified rock in which the strata slope downward from the crest
Fault a place where sections of the earth move
Folding occurs when one or a stack of originally flat surfaces, such as sedimentary strata, are bent or curved as a result of permanent deformation
Footwall a mass of rock lying beneath a fault plane. Geysers- a hot spring in which water intermittently boils, sending tall columns of water and steam into the air
GIS geographic information systems
GPS the global positioning systems(GPS)is a space based satellite navigation systems that provides location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the earth where it an unobstructed line of sight of four or more GPS satellites
Hanging wall the rock that lies below a normal fault
Hot springs a spring of naturally hot water, typically heated by subterranean volcanic activity
Longitudinal Wave a wave vibrating in the direction of propagation
Normal Faulting a geological fault in whig the hanging wall has moved downward relative to the footwall
Oceanic Vents a fissure in the ocean floor especially at or near a mid ocean ridge from which mineral-rich super heated issues. Also know as a hydrothermal vents
Planetary differentiation how the earth developed into compositionally distinct layers; the denser materials of a planet sink to the center, while less dense materials rise to the surface
Primary Waves alternatingl compressional and extensional, and cause the rocks they pass through to change in volume. These waves are the fastest traveling seismic waves and can travel through solids,liquids, and gases. Also called p waves
Propogation the movement of a wave through a medium
Reflection reflection is a change in direction of a wave upon striking the interface between two materials
Refraction the turning point or bending of any wave, such as a light or sound wave, shen it passes from one medium into another of different density
Reverse Fault a geological fault in which the hanging wall appears to have been pushed up along the footwall
Secondary Waves secondary waves cause the rocks they pass through to change in shape. These waves are the second fastest traveling seismic waves and can travel through solids but not through liquids or gases. Also are called P waves
Seismic waves an elastic wave in the earth produced by an earthquake or other means
Sonar a system for the detection and for measuring depth by emitting sound pulses and detecting or measuring their return after being reflected
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