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Contact and Non-Contact Forces Test study guide science. For Ben.

What is the formula for Elastic Potential energy? mass times gravity times height
What is the formula for kinetic energy? k=1/2 mv^2
What is the formula for speed? distance divided by time
What is the formula for distance? velocity times speed
What is a contact force? Contact must have force implied to work
What is a non contact force? Non contact do not require any physical force between the two objects
How can an object move when something is touching it? Apply force onto the object
Name two common reference points. Tree , building
What is defined when an objects distance from another object is changing? Motion
What is an example of a graph with constant speed? Goes in a straight line from the bottom left to the top right
Define force. In physical science, a push or a pull
The rate at which an object is moving at a given instant is? Instantaneous speed
A newton is used to measureā€¦.? Force
What type of force allows objects to move? Unbalanced
What is the net force if a force of 12 N is applied to a box on the right and 12 N to the left? 0 Net force
If a rubber band has a stretch of 0.1 meters past equilibrium and a spring constant of 40, determine the elastic PE: Gravity times mass times height 0.5 times 40 times (0.1)^2 = 20 times 0.1 = 0.2 Joules
Someone weighs 100kg and is running around a track, he can run 3m/s. What is hes kinetic energy? 1/2 mass times speed = 1/2 x 100kg x (3m/s)^2= 450 Joules
How does mass and distance affect gravity? The more mass means gravity will happen faster. And vice versa. The more motion/distance means the more gravity will slow you down if a lot of mass. And vice versa.
Created by: erickben