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What do genes do? Genes are responsible for the inherited characteristics that distinguish one individual from another.
Genes Genes are sections of DNA found on a chromosomes.A segment of DNA that determines the inheritance of a particular trait.
Genotype The set of genes carried by the organism
Phenotype The physical expression of the genotype.
Punnet Square The tool which uses the combination of alleles predict the probability of traits showing up in offspring.
Allele One gene from the pair of genes is called an allele.
Dominant Trait A trait that will always be expressed in the phenotype as long as one dominant gene is present.
Recessive Trait A trait that will be expressed in the phenotype only if two recessive alleles are present.
Traits The genes that parents pass on to you.
Proteins The proteins what base pairs our DNA is supposed to make.
Heredity Heredity is what it is called when your parents pass traits down to you.
Genetics The code that comes from your DNA and determines how you are on the outside and how you function.
Mendel By cross pollinating pea plants, Gregor Mendel discovered the laws of inheritance. Mendel's discoveries included -genes come in pairs -genes are inherited as separate units, one from each parent -dominant and recessive genes
Mendel's Laws of Heredity Segregation: Each inherited trait is defined by a gene pair Children gain one genetic allele from each parent Independent Assortment: Genes are inherited independently Dominance: If an organism has a dominant trait that trait will be expressed.
Miescher Miescher isolated nuclein, or what we call DNA, from white blood cells.
Watson and Crick Using some of Franklin's research Watson and Crick developed a model of the double helix. Watson and Crick are the ones credited for it.
Chromosomes Chromosomes are made up of long strands of DNA and genes.
DNA DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA is made up of nucleic bases and genes. DNA uses nucleic acids in the body to make proteins. DNA is held together by bonds between nitrogen based compounds (A,C,T,G).
By cross pollinating pea plants _________ came up with the laws of inheritance. Gregor Mendel
_____ are responsible for the traits that distinguish one person from another. Genes
________ are made up of long strands of genes, DNA, and base pairs Chromosomes
Genes usually come in _____. pairs
Dominant traits are written as _______ letters. capital
_________ traits are written as lower case letters. Recessive
An organism can only have a recessive _______ if they have a recessive gene pair. phenotype
Created by: RahJon