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Dance Midterm

Dance Midterm Exam

What part of the body is most important to obtain perfect body alignment? The Core
What builds up when you work out a muscle without stretching? Lactic Acid
When you begin strength training, how many days a week should you start out with? 2-3 Times a week
In dance, what are we referring to in choreography with the word shapes? The lines the dancer's body forms
What is considered an action/ motion for dance? Step
What is part of Time in choreography? Accelerating/ Decelerating
What is an example of a formation in choreography? Staggered lines
What is not an example of an eating disorder? Weird eating habit
What does BMI measure? Body Mass Index
What is a major function of the skeletal system? Provide support, Protect the internal orgrans, Provide an attachment site for muscles and organs.
Which is a layer of tissue that makes up bones? Cancellous
What is not one of the ten major organ systems? Skeletal, Muscular, Emphatic, Excretory? Emphatic
What is the correct spelling for the first part of ballet class? Bar, Barr, Barre, Bare? Barre
In ballet, when we do an exercise front, side, back, repeat side, what is that called? En Criox
Which is part of the spine? Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar.
Created by: dlore018