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The Human Impact on the Environment -15.1 - 15.4 - Integrated Science I Luetje

environment everything that surrounds a living thing
pollution anything that harms the environment
List four substances that cycle through the environment. water carbon dioxide oxygen nitrogen
pollutants harmful substances
What substance do animals take in when they breathe in? oxygen
What substance do animals take in when they breathe out? carbon dioxide
How does nitrogen get from the air into compounds in the soil? When plants and animals die, the nitrogen compounds are broken down by different bacteria.
natural resources materials from the earth that are used by living things
What are renewable resources? natural resources that can be reused or replaced
What are nonrenewable resources? natural resources that are not easily replaced by nature or by human effort
conservation the wise use of natural resources
Examples of renewable resources: air water soil living things
Examples of nonrenewable resources: oil coal natural gas
fossil fuels oil, coal, and natural gas
potential energy stored energy
hydroelectric power electrical energy produced from moving water
kinetic energy energy of motion
nuclear energy energy produced by splitting or combining atoms
hydroelectric power plant place where moving water produces electricity
turbine drives an electric generator in a hydroelectric plant
radiation dangerous energy produced in nuclear reactors
What is one problem with using nuclear power? radio active waste/radiation
Why is it important to conserve fossil fuels? they are nonrenewable resources because they can take millions of years to form. once fossil fuels are used up they are basically gone forever.
What are two advantages of producing electricity in hydroelectric plants? does not pollute the air and is renewable
Solar energy is from the _________. sun
Energy produced form moving air is ______ energy. wind
Geothermal energy comes from heat inside ______. the earth
Geothermal energy warms ____________. groundwater
Tidal energy can be used only near a __________ where tides are very high and very low. shoreline
____________ convert sunlight into energy. Solar cells
Energy produced by rising and falling tides is __________ energy. tidal
Wind energy is a _____________ resource. renewable
Created by: ldorso