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Latin Midterm Vocab

This is all of my vocabulary words for my Latin Midterm

TermDefinitionPart of Speech
ego, mei I, me Noun
exemplum, -i n. example Noun
is, ea, id he/she/it Noun
liberi, -orum m. children Noun
nos, nostrum we/us Noun
periculum, -i n. danger Noun
porta, -ae f. gate Noun
superbia, -ae f. pride, arrogance Noun
tu, tui you Noun
vos, vestrum you all Noun
egregius, -a, -um distinguished, excellent Adjective
inimicus, -a, -um unfriendly (subst. enemy) Adjective
integer, integra, integrum whole, connected Adjective
miser, -a, -um poor, unhappy Adjective
primus, -a, -um first Adjective
superbus, -a, -um proud, arrogant Adjective
absum, abesse, abfui be away, be absent Verb
amitto, -ere, amisi, amissus let go, lose Verb
cupio, -ere, -ivi, -itus want Verb
dimitto, -ete, dimisi, dimissus send away, dismiss Verb
discedo, -ere, discessi, discessus depart, go away Verb
dubito, -are, -avi, -atus doubt Verb
educo, -ere, eduxi, eductus lead out (educate) Verb
interficio, -ere, interfeci, interfectus kill (make across) Verb
iubeo, -ere, iussi, iussus order Verb
nosco, -ere, novi, notus learn (past-know) Verb
permitto, -ere, permisi, permisus permit, allow, let through Verb
procedo, -ere, processi, processus advance Verb
produco, -ere, produxi, productus lead out Verb
propono, -ere, proposui, propositus put forward, offer Verb
recipio, -ere, recepi, receptus take back, recover Verb
redigo, -ere, redegi, redactus reduce, drive back Verb
remaneo, -ere, -ui remain Verb
retineo, -ere, -ui, retentus keep, hold back Verb
suscipio, -ere, suscepi, susceptus undertake, take back (suspect is just fine) Verb
etiam also Other
iam now Other
ibi there Other
olim once, in the past (once upon a time) Other
per (+acc.) through Other
sine without Other
pro before, in front of, for Other
sub under Other
tamen nevertheless Other
ubi when, where Other
beneficium, -i n. benefit Noun
Created by: camtheman256



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