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Science REVIEW

Science 2nd 9 wks Study Guide

seesaw- simplemachine lever
when the net force equals 0 balanced
a change that does change the substance chemical
an object at rest tends to stay at rest inertia
a solid changing to a gas sublimation
zipper- simple machine wedge
a change that does not change the substance physical
speed in a given direction vlocity
solid to a liquid` melting
NaCL salt
distance divided by time speed
zero on the kelvin scale absolute 0
rate at which velocity changes acceleration
transferor heat from one particle of matter to another conduction
the rule that energy cannot be created or destroyed conservations of energy
transfer of heat by the movement of currents within a fluid convection
fixed point around which a lever pivots fulcrum
states that an object at rest will remain at rest and an object in motion will continue moving at a instant velocity unless acted upon y an unbalanced force newton's 1st law
acceleration depends on the objects mass and on the net force acting on the object newtons 2nd law
one object exerts a force on another object, then the second object exerts a force equal to strength in the opposite direction on the 1st object newtons 3rd law
force that pulls objects toward each other gravity
tendency of an object to rest change in motion inertiea
energy that an object has due o its motion kinetic
rate at which one form of energy is transformed into another; rate at which work is done power
stored energy that results from the position or shape of an object potential energy
transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves radiation
what would be three examples of conduction touching a stove, squeezing ice into your hand, walking on san don a hot sunny day
what object heats up faster out of the objects wood, bass, plastic, and steel steel
which object would take the longest to heat up out of these things wood, glass, steel, plastic plastic
Who does insulating your house help in the winter keeps heat in and cold out
how does a liquid thermometer work the alcohol rises/ falls as convection currents touch the glass tube
what are the 6 forms of energy chemical, thermal, electromagnetic, nuclear, mechanical, electrical
Describe the mass and weight of a person on earth compared to the mass and weight of a person in space mass is the same and weight is different
give 3 examples of single energy transfer toaster, cellphne, running
Why does the handle of a spoon get hot while sitting in steaming tea conduction makes the particle sin the spoon to move faster
What would be three examples of convection sea breeze, air conditioning unit, flying a kite
How does the mass of an object effect the gravity of the object larger the mass, the more gravity an object has
when you heat an object, what happens to the particles of that object the particles vibrate faster; expanding
give 3 examples of potential energy book on a shelf, wall, desk
name three materials that would make good insulators thick coat, insulation in your house, blanket
what two simple machines are used in a shovel wedge lever
when an object is tossed straight up in the air, here is the potential energy the greatest? at the highest point
Which form of energy would you have the greatest energy from the smallest amount of material nuclear
what changes when a car moes through a curve it accelerates through the curve
give three example sod inertia book on table, stopping at a red light quickly, sliding into base
how does burning gasoline convert energy chemical energy changes to mechanical energy
The material ? has a tremendous amount of potential energy (nuclear) uranium
inertia is the reason we have ? and ? in cars seatbelts, airbags
if the force of an object in motion continues to ? in a ? line and a ? speed until acted upon by an outside force move, straight, constant
a rocket launch would be an example of newton's ? law 3rd
to stop a bicycle, you would use ? friction sliding
the amount of ? a machine can do in a given ? is efficiency work, time
if the force of an object doubled, the acceleration of the object would? double
your arm is ?. the muscle provides the ? and your ? would be the fulcrum lever, input foce, elbow
a ball at the top of a ramp has ? energy potential
flies through the air at an arch or angle projectile
example of projectile dropping an object from a plane
Created by: ewoodham