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NRTC Fundes Review

Final Exam Review

Heart Rate greater than 100bpm tachycardia
Heart Rate less than 60bpm bradycardia
To have a body temperature greater than 101 Febrile
to be free of fever afebrile
Expected blood pressure for Adult less than 120/80
Expected oxygen saturation for adult 90-100%
Expected Respiratory rate for adult 12-20 bpm
Expected Temperature for Geriatric pt 96.8
Expected Temperature for Adult pt 98.6
Oxygen mask that can deliver the most precise amount of oxygen saturation Venturi Mask
Oxygen administered at 3L or greater should be: humidified
Pupil constriction and dilation related to flash and removal of bright light direct response
left pupil constriction when right eye is stimulated consensual response
Position for administration of enema left sims
position for pelvic exam lithotomy
Point of Maximal Impulse 5th intercostal space left midclavicular line
Respiratory suctioning passes should not exceed: 10 seconds
Suction pressure for adult respiratory tract 80-120mmHg
Positioning for difficulty breathing with COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema Tripod
Dark Sticky tarry stool or emesis that has been digested melena
Cleansing enema amount for an adult 500-1000mL
Retention enema amount for an adult 100-300mL
Color of Normal Tympanic Membrane grey, pearl, reflective
Indwelling catheter used for male with enlarged prostate coude catheter
indwelling catheter used continuous bladder irrigation triple lumen
order of 3 step cleaning process for female catheter insertion labia opposite side of nurse,labia closest to nurse, urinary meatus last
Stoma color red, shiny, wet
standard for placement check of NG, G tube, Jtube Aspiration and pH of stomach contents
Intravenous puncture site should be cleansed for: 30 Seconds
Landmarks for inserting NG Tube Nose, top of ear, xiphoid process
Sanguineous composed of blood
Oliguria 300-400mL of urine in 24 hours
lack of oxygen to the tissues hypoxia
feely open patent
Created by: kleer
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