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Basic Nursing Care

Module 2: Unit 9 ATI (Comfort,rest,sleep,pain)

Name the aims/outcomes of a bedbath *Clean skin from sweat, dead epithelium cells and bad odours.*Refreshes/relaxes.*Allows observation.*Changes position-reduces pressure.*Encourages movement-promotes blood circulation.*Allows to change bedding/clothing.*Premotes sleep.
Name 6 complications of a dirty mouth *Infections of the mucous membranes of the mouth.*Infection of salivary glands.*Bad smelling breath.*Loss of appetite.*Tooth decay.*Bad taste in mouth.
Name 6 indications for mouth care *Patients who can not satisfy their own mouth care needs.*Unconscious patients.*Patients who are kept nil per mouth.*Patients on naso-gastric feeding.*Injuries or infection of the mucous membranes of the mouth.*Surgery of the mouth.
Name 5 reasons for washing hair of a patient in bed *After delousing.*Before head operations.*After an accident to clean head of blood.*Pts who are bedridden for a long time.*After recuperation from a contagious disease.
Describe the precautions against injuries and spreading of infection in a nursery *Wash hands before working with the baby.*Remove all pens, scissors name tags from your uniform.*Always close the nappy's pin when not in use.*Never leave safety pins lying around.*Always test the water before you bath the baby.etc
Name 11 reasons of discomfort in a patient *Pain*Illness*Untidiness of environment*Restriction of mobility*Hunger/thirst*Fear of unknown*Lowered "self-esteem", breakdown in human dignity*Poor ventilation*Noise*Environmental factors eg, 2 hot/2 cold*Physiological factors eg, full bladder/bowel
Describe how you would promote comfort in a patient 1.Be empathetic.2.Promote verbal communication.3.Be aware of non-verbal communication.4.Provide clean,comfortable environment.5.Ensure pts's surroundings are tidy.6.Limit noise.7.Effective lighting.8.Promote personal hygiene,fresh bed linen.etc
Name the different ways a pt may express his pain in order for you to understand what kind of pain he experiences. *Stabbing pain.*Burning pain.*Dull pain.*Hunger pain.*Continual pain.*Pulsating pain.
Name 9 causes of pain in a patient *Pressure caused by swelling/abscesses/growths*Injury by fracture,burning*Poisons,eg. insecticides*Stretching of tissue,eg.full bladder*Extreme temperature*Oxygen shortage in muscle tissue*Infection,eg. kidneys*Pathological,eg.tumors/rheumatism*Psychosoma
Name 4 factors that may effect the experience of pain in a patient *Ethnic/cultural.*Presence/absence of others.*Anxiety and other emotions.*Age.
Describe how you would assess patient's pain in the ward Assess pt for pain regarding type, intensity and area of pain. Score pain on scale from 1-10 if possible. Assess pain objectively. Report to prof. nurse and record actions taken.
Describe the nursing care of a patient who is in pain *Identify & assess pain.*Explain cause of pain.*Relieve anxiety & tension;explain nursing care plan.*Remove stimuli causing pain.*Adjust pt activity 2 minimise pain.*Support pain area.*Heat/cold compresses.*Prescribed painkillers.*Record & report progress
Name 8 causes of insomnia in a patient *Worry.*Anxiety.*Pain.*Discomfort.*Noise.*Light.*Depression.*Hunger/Thirst.*Too much sleep during day.*Boredom.*Lack of exercise/activity.*Unfamilliar surroundings
Name the consequences of lack of sleep in a patient *Ineffective coping.*Fatigue.*Potential 4 injury.*Healing delayed/recovery slowed.*Irritability/anxiety.*Headache & associated physiological signs/symptoms.*Concentration difficulty.*Lowered resistance 2 infection.
Describe how you would promote sleep in a patient *Remove disturbances.*Dark environment.*Relieve anxiety/tension.*Familiarise pt with environment.*Limit noise.*Relieve pain.*Ensure bladder/bowel empty.*Ensure balanced diet.*Relieve thirst.*Limit sleep in day.*Keep pt active.*Bedtime bath.
Dorsal Position - Indications *During bed bath.*During an examination.*During an ECG.*After a Lumber Puncture.*After spinal anesthesia.*For neck/spinal injuries.
Lateral Position - Indications *Examination or treatment of rectum/perineum/back.*Giving an enema/suppository.*Drainage of wound.
Sim's Position - Indications *Unconscious pt, to promote drainage of secretions.*After tonsillectomy.*To allow drainage of bloodd from mouth.
Trendelenburg Position - Indications *Trendelenburg's operation.*Treatment of shock.*Bleeding.*Oedema of limbs.*Hypertension
Knee-chest Position - Indications *Examination of rectum.*Sigmoidoscopy.
Lithotomy Position - Indications *Vaginal operations.*Rectal operations/examinations.*During delivery.
Fowler's Position - Indications *To relieve tightness of chest.*Relieve of dyspnoea.*When eating.*Relieve of tension on an abdominal wound.*Cardiac and respitory disorders.
Orthopnoeic Position - Indications *To relieve dyspnoea especially in pts with chronic obstructive airway diseases - allows for expansion of chest.
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