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Science Vocab Test

Practice for science vocab test on Thursday.

Periodic table An arrangement of the elements showing the repeated pattern of their properties.
Heterogeneous mixture A mixture that is different throughout.
Homogeneous mixture A mixture that is the same throughout.
Buoyancy The ability or tendency to float in water or air or some other fluid.
Compositional layers
Mechanical layers
Lithosphere A rigid layer made up of the uppermost part of the mantle and the crust.
Asthenosphere The soft layer of the mantle on which the lithosphere floats.
Inner core A dense sphere of nickel and iron at the center of the earth.
Outer core A layer of molten nickel and iron that surrounds the inner core of Earth.
Epicenter The point on Earth's surface directly above an earthquake's focus.
Focus The point between Earth's surface where rock first breaks under stress and causes an earthquake.
Rift valley A deep valley that forms where two plates move apart.
Ring of Fire A major belt of volcanoes that rims the Pacific Ocean.
Mineral A naturally occurring solid
Created by: SwagMuffin