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International Organizations for Geography

It helps poor and middle income countries get the money they need to build improvements that will help proverty. The World Bank
Helps countries and people around the world. The World Health Organization (WHO)
Helps people around the world with basic needs The Red Cross and Red Cresent
1) to improve living conditions with moderate financal resources 2) to improve poorest countries in the world The World Bank
1) to keep people healthy 2) to stop the sprending of diseses The World Health Organization (WHO)
1) helping wounded soilders 2) responding to disasters 3) run programs The Red Cross and Red Cresent
Helps countries that cannot afford somethings The World Bank
Treats medical complications that result from mow nutrition and helps fight disease by lack of food The World Health Organization (WHO)
Runs a school for street children The Red Cross and Red Cresent
It keeps peace, develops good relationships with other countries, and improves the quality of life for people in the world The United Nations ( UN )
To protect each other from attack The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO )
To avoid conflict by making them depend on each other The European Union ( EU )
1) peace keeping 2) improving the quality of life for people The United Nations ( UN )
1) keep peace and seacurity 2) to help countries for disaster The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO )
1) To create a single economy in which all of the members particate 2) To act as a single voice in the world for it's member countries 3)giving aid to countries The European Union ( EU )
Provides school meals to encourage families to keep their kids in school, help farmers, finder good markets for selling their products, and paying for food for labor for building improvements to their communitys The United Nations ( UN )
In 2010 Packastand suffered major flooding and asked NATO for help, NATO agree to deliver donations form from countries and nongovermental organizations The North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO )
The EU uses its influence to negotiate peace between countries in conflict The European Union ( EU )
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