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Science Mid-Term Wed


Science is the body of knowledge as well as a way of doing what? Learning about the natural world
What is the scientific skill you are using when you see that the sky is cloudy? You are using the scientific skill of observation
When you make an interpretation based on observation and prior knowledge, you are making what? You are making an inference
What is a controlled experiment designed to test? The hypothesis
What is the factor that a scientist changes during a controlled experiment? The manipulated variable
Anything that has mass and takes up space is called? Matter
What does it mean to say that energy is needed to cause change? Energy is involved in any change
What are some examples?(Based on previous problem; energy causing change) Pounding a nail; water boiling
What is an example of a physical property? ODOR, TASTE,(HARDNESS<---On test)
What is a type of matter which consists of two or more substances that are all chemically combined? A compound. (Chemically Combined Compound)CCC
What is the name for substances that CANNOT be broken down chemically into other substances? An element
In chemistry, what are elements represented by? Symbols
List examples of a physical change -Molding clay -Chopping wood -Bending copper wire -Ice melting -Ripping paper
What is the name for the type of energy that is related to the motion or position of matter? Mechanical energy
The measurement of the force of gravity on an object is the object's? Weight.
The measurement of how much matter an object contains is its? Mass
What is the SI unit for mass? Kilogram
What is the measurement of the amount of mass contained in a given volume known as? It is known as density
How do you calculate the density of an object? Density = Mass/Volume
Calculate the density of a block of wood with a volume of 50 cubic centimeters and a mass of 100 grams. 2g/cm^3 2(grams)per cubic centimeter
According to Dalton's theory of atoms, what can be said about all atoms of any given element? All the atoms in the element, are exactly alike
Some atoms bond together to form a single unit called a? Molecule
What hold atoms together in a molecule? A chemical bond
The definition of a solid.. A solid has a definite volume and a definite shape
What is the state of matter that undergoes changes in volume most easily? The gaseous state
What is the term which describes the resistance of liquid to flowing? The term is viscosity
What is the state of matter where particles are packed tightly together in fixed positions? Solid
How are the particles of a liquid arranged? Free to move within a container but remain in close contact with each other
In which state of matter do the particles spread apart and fill all the space available to them? In the gaseous state
The amount of space that a gas takes up is its? Volume
The force of outward push of a gas divided by the area of the walls of the container is the gas's? Pressure
According to Boyle's law, when pressure of a gas increases at constant temperature, its volume? Decreases
The greater the speed of gas particles in a container, the greater the? Pressure
When the temperature of a gas decreases at a constant volume, what happens to the pressure? It decreases
On a long trip, a truck's tire can become hot, how does this affect the tires pressure? It increases
According to Charles's law, when the temperature of a gas increases at a constant pressure, what else increases? The volume does
List examples of a chemical change -Souring of milk -Burning wood
Living cells contain sugar that they use for fuel. What kind of energy does this sugar contain? Chemical energy
When an inflated balloon is exposed to cold air what happens to it? Its volume decreases
If a gas in an expandable container is heated, the volume of the gas will do what? Increase
A graph of Charles's law shows the relationship between what two variables? Temperature and volume of a gas
A graph that shows the volume of a gas in direct proportion to its temperature under constant pressure demonstrates what law? Charles's law
A graph of Boyle's law shows the relationship between what two variables? Volume and pressure of a gas
A graph shows that the pressure of a gas varies inversely with its volume under constant temperature demonstrates what law? Boyle's law
Data plotted on a graph results in a line that slopes upward from left to right. This graph tells you what about the two variables? That as one variable increases another increase as well
The energy a substance has from the movement of its particles is called? Thermal energy
How does thermal energy always flow? From a warmer substance to a cooler substance
In what state of matter would a substance have the least thermal energy? In the solid state
Ice melts as a result of thermal energy flowing from what to what? Surroundings to the ice
What is the term which describes a liquid changing into a solid? Freezing
When a substance changes from a solid to a gas without passing through a liquid state, the change is described as? Sublimation
What is vaporization? The change from a liquid to a gas
During the time it takes for an entire sample of a substance to change from a solid to a liquid, what happens to the temperature of the substance? It stays the same
Why does water boil at a lower temperature at higher altitudes? Air pressure is lower
What is the process involving a gas changing into a liquid? Condensation
Which is not a characteristic that all living things share? Cellular organization
What is the most abundant chemical found in living cells? Water
A change in an organism's surroundings that causes it to react is called a? Stimulus
How did the experiments of Redi and Pasteur affect the idea of spontaneous generation They showed that living things do not arise from non-living things
An organism's structure is? The way it is made
What is the source of energy for most autotrophs? The sun
What do all living things need to survive? Water (is one of them)
What is homeostasis? The maintenance of stable internal conditions
The invention of the microscope made it possible for people to discover and learn about? Cells
What is the function of a cell wall? To protect and support the cell
What is the function of a cell membrane? Controls what enters and leaves the cell
What is chromatin and where is it? Thin strands of genetic material that is located in the nucleus of a cell
What is the organelle that produces most of the energy needed by the cell? Mitochondria
What is the organelle that produces proteins in the cell? Ribosomes
What is the organelle that releases chemicals that break down large food particles into smaller ones? Lysosomes
How does a bacterial cell differ from a plant or animal cell? It does not contain a nucleus
Specialized cells are found only in what kind of organisms? Many-celled organisms
What is taxonomy? The scientific study of how living things are classified
Why do scientists organize living things into groups? So that they're easier to study
What is binomial nomenclature? Naming system where each organism is given a two part name. (Genus & Species name)
What does an organism's scientific name consist of? Genus name and a species name
What do biologists NOT USE to classify organisms? Age
The more closely related two organisms are, the more similar they are in their? DNA
Which is the broadest classification level? Kingdom
True/False : The more classification levels that two organisms share, the more closely related they are. True
Which kingdoms include both unicellular and multi-cellular organisms? Protists (<---ON TEST) and Fungi
What shapes best describe bacterial cells? Rod-like, spherical, and spiral
What structures are found in the cytoplasm of bacterial cells? Genetic material
What process results in genetically different bacteria? Conjugation
When do endospores form? When there are harsh environmental conditions
Choose one : Like animals, animal-like protists are prokaryotic or eukaryotic Eukaryotic
What characteristics do algae share? They are all autotrophic
What do the spores that fungus-like protists produce become? New organisms
What characteristics do fungi share? They use spores to reproduce
Where would fungi NOT thrive? Polar icecap
On what does the appearance of a multicellular fungus depend? On how hyphae are arranged
What is NOT a characteristic of plants? Hyphae
What do plants use to transport materials to their cells? Vascular tissue
What controls the movement of gases into and out of a leaf? Endospores
The stored food that the embryo uses to grow and develop is found in what structure? Cotyledon
What are the parts of a seed? Embryo,stored food, and cotyledon
In one stage of a plant's life cycle, the plant produces Spores
Once an egg is fertilized, it is called a(n)? Zygote
Gymnosperms produce reproductive structures called? Cones
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