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堂兄弟 paternal cousins táng xiōng dì
记录 note, record jì lù
婶婶 aunt, the wife of someone's father's younger brother shěn shěn
读万卷书,行万里路 read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles dú wàn juàn shū ,xing wàn lǐ lù
to rent
自驾游 to go on a road trip zì jià yóu
具体 concrete jù tǐ
考虑 to consider, ponder kǎo lǜ
景点 scenic spot jǐng diǎn
机场 airport jī chǎng
安排 to arrange ān pái
驾驶执照 driver's license jià shǐ zhí zhào
交通规则 traffic rules jiāo tōng guī zé
出事 to have an accident chū shì
倒霉 to be unlucky dǎo méi
专线 special route zhuān xiàn
大巴 bus dà bā
to take (a bus, car train, etc.) chéng
轻轨 light rail qīng guǐ
胡同 alley, lane hú tóng
人力三轮车 trishaw rén lì sān lún chē
兵马俑 terracotta bīng mǎ yǒng
羊肉泡馍 a Xi'an specialty made with lamb and dough yáng ròu pào mó
麻辣粉 a spicy vegetable and noodle dish má là fěn
饺子宴 dumpling feast jiǎo zǐ yàn
佛教 Buddhism fó jiāo
名胜 place of interest míng shèng
壁画 mural, wall painting bì huà
订票 to book tickets dìng piào
敦煌 Dunhuang, a place in Gansu Province dūn huáng
新疆 the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region xīn jiāng
苏州 Suzhou, a city, in Jiangsu Province sū zhōu
杭州 Hangzhou, a city, in Zhejiang Province háng zhōu
十三陵 the Ming Dynasty Tombs, in Beijing shí sān líng
天安门 Tiananmen, in Beijing tiān ān mén
故宫 the Forbidden City, in Beijing gù gōng
北海 Beihai Park, in Beijing běi hǎi
天坛 the Temple of Heaven, in Beijing tiān tán
圆明园 ruins of the Old Summer Palace, in Beijing yuán míng yuán
颐和园 the Summer Palace, in Beijing yí hé yuán
黄河 the Yellow River huáng hé
秦始皇 Qinshihuang, the first emperor of a united China qín shǐ huáng
华清池 Huaqing Hot Spring, in Shaanxi Provice huá qīng chí
大雁塔 the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, in Xi'an dà yàn tǎ
小雁塔 the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, in Xi'an xiǎo yàn tǎ
兰州 Lanzhou, a city in Gansu Province lán zhōu
莫高窟 the Mogao Caves, in Gansu Province mò gāo kū
鸣沙山 Mingsha Mountain, in Gansu Province míng shā shān
月牙泉 Crescent Lake, in Gansu Province yuè yá quán
地铁 subway dì tiě
Created by: hcl
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