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Env Science Week 16

Week 16 Vocabulary for Environmental Science

law a system of rules imposed by government authority
amendment an addition to, deletion from, or other change to a law some time after it was originally set forth
enforce ensuring that people abide by a law
government agency a unit of government authorized to enforce laws
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the main national government agency for overseeing environmental laws in the U.S.
sustainable energy meeting present energy needs without destroying energy sources for the future
photovoltaic cells (PV cell or solar cell) a wafer of material with one wire attached to the top and one to the bottom; As sunlight shines on the water it puts out an electrical current
Solar-trough collectors long trough shaped reflectors tilted toward the sun; all the sunlight hitting the collector is reflected onto a pipe running down the center of the system, which heats oil inside it to high temps
solar energy energy made by harnessing the sun's rays
hydroelectric using water to produce electricity
geothermal energy heat produced from the Earth's core, found mainly near volcanoes and geysers
Wind power useful energy created by harnessing the wind
intermittent on and off, starting and stopping a lot
Biomass organic material made from plants and animals (microorganisms); examples of biomass fuels are wood, crops, manure, and some garbage
municipal solid waste (MSW) garbage
contaminate to make something impure or unfit for use by adding harmful or undesired substances
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