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Marine Biology Final

Exam final

Example of a Gastropod snail
Example of a Bivalve clam
Example of a Cephalopod squid
What is the difference between an open and closed circulatory system? in a closed the blood is on the outside, on the inside the blood goes throughout the entire body
What is a mantle? sheath of tissue surrounding internal organs of a mollusk
Why does something molt? an arthropod does it regularly to keep up with its growth
How does a starfish eat a clam? It pushes part of its stomach into the clam
Why can a lancelet or tunicate be put into Phylum Chordata even though they are invertebrate? because they have a notochord at some point during development
Say you are fishing in a freshwater lake and you catch a lamprey, why is this? It travels to freshwater to reproduce
anadromous A life cycle in which creatures are hatched in fresh water, migrate to salt water when adults, and return to fresh water in order to reproduce.
catadromous Referring to fishes that migrate from fresh water to reproduce in the ocean
What do you think of when you here the words ostiocytes or ostioblasts bony fish
Where is the caudal fin located on a sharks body? tail fin
What is the difference between regular fishes teeth and a rays teeth? What do rays have instead of teeth? Rays teeth have plates that crust their food
Tell the lifestyle and shape of a fish demersal would be flat with eyes on top while a fish swimming in the water would have a different shape, more suitable for swimming
How can a fish actually feel things in the water? lateral line, which is a sensory organ
Why do fish hangout in schools? 1. for protection, 2. helps them to capture their prey
salt gland and example of marine mammal who has this gets excess salt out of their bodes, Ex: sea turtle and sea birds
Sea turtles spend most of their time in the water so what is happening when you see a healthy female on shore? most likely laying eggs
Find a heavy bone on the beach, what does this mean? most likely didn't fly a lot, Ex: penguin; heavier bones help them to swim and dive under water
light weight and hollow bone is an example of what kind of bird? flying bird
Baleen whales have heavy coarse hair for teeth used for what? to filter plankton
What is the use of a dolphins melon? it focuses and directs the clicks that a dolphin makes
discuss delayed implantation When a mammal gets pregnant the embryo won't implant right away, the purpose is so they can wait to get to their breeding grounds
What is the purpose of camouflage? to hide or to hunt, can be used for the prey or the predator
There will be a food web on the test, know what the secondary consumer is bottom level: producers or autotrophs, algae, Primary consumer, Secondary consumer, Tertiary consumer
What are two things that are used to measure productivity or amount of photosynthesis? which is the better of the two? Light and Dark technique and Radioactive Carbon technique (better of the two)
In the carbon cycle do decomposers increase or decrease the level CO2 in the water? Decomposers are breaking down materials and CO2 is being released causing it to increase
In the nitrogen cycle understand that if someone suddenly added nitrogen fixing levels to the earth what would happen to nitrogen levels? Organisms are taking nitrogen out of the air so levels would decrease
Photic zone shallower waters that receive light (splash zone and inner shelf)
Aphotic zone deep layers of the ocean that doesn't receive light (benthic zone and abyssal zone)
dorsal fin on the back side and upper part of the sharks body
caudal fin tail fin that helps the shark in steering
pectoral fins gives a much needed lift in the water column
pelvic and anal fins used for stabilization
Created by: a.allsup