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Weather vocab

Stack #1

An instrument used by meteorologists, that travels up through the troposphere carrying instruments that later float back to earth called weather balloon
Meteorologists use a thermometer to measure the(blank) in the air temperature
Evaporated water in the atmosphere is called water vapor
The measure of average temperture and precipitation amounts in a region for a long period of time climate
A measurement of how much water vapor is in the air humidity
Amount of force being applied to a surface by the atmosphere air pressure
characterists of air include mass-pressure, temperature and humidity
A sling psychomotor has how many thermometers 2
The layer of the atmosphere where all weather happens troposphere
The very outer layer of the atmosphere that borders outer space exosphere
The middle layer of the atmosphere where most meteoroids burn up mesosphere
The thin layer of the atmosphere that protects us from ultraviolent rays stratosphere
A layer of the atmosphere where radio signals are bounced off ionosphere
What do isobars indicate similar air pressure
What symbol on the map represents a cold front triangles
What symbol on the map represents a warm front half circles
when water vapor in the air gets cold and forms clouds condensation
rain, hail, sleet, snow precipitation
another word for collection surface run off
water is brought up into the clouds evaporation
Measures the temp thermometer
Measures wind speed anemometer
Measures relative humidity sling psychrometer
Tells the air pressure in millibars barometer
Tells which way the wind is blowing wind vane
Created by: sarahknop