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Science flash cards

1.what rocks make up the ocean floor and continental crust? Basalt and granite
2.what happens during convection? The movement caused within a fluid by the tendency of hotter and there for less dense material to rise and colder denser material to sink under under the influence of gravity which consequently result in transfer of heat
3.what were Wegener's 3 pieces of evidence for continental drift? Landform,climate,fossils
4.what are the 3 pieces of evidence that prove sea floor spreading occurs? Convergent,divergent,transform
5.describe the mantle, outer core and inner core. Mantle-the layer of earth between crust and core. Outercore-liquid layer of the earth core that is benth the mantle surrounds the inner core. Inner core-the soild dense center of the plate.
6.how do the the shapes of the present day continents support continental drift? Because if you connect them together like a puzzle piece they some how line up.
7.how do geologists observe earths interior? Earth's waves
8.why did scientists reject Wegener's idea of continental drift? Cause they didn't think Earth's plates could move like this
9.list the order of the layers starting with the outermost layer. Oceanic crust,continental crust,mantle,core
10.what is Pangaea? Pangaea-225 million years ago all of the contients were merged together into one giant supercontinent.
11.when scientists obtained rock samples by drilling on the sea floor what did they discover? Tectonic plates-pieces of the lithosphere that move around on top of the asthenoshpere.
12.what are tectonic plates? Pacific because as the land is sliding into the earth its taking away from the pacific ocean.
13.explain what happens to density temperature and pressure as the depth beneath the earth increases. Oceanic crust
14.what is the theory that states that the plates are in constant slow motion? divergent boundary
15.which major ocean is shrinking?why?(think back to vide clip) Pacific because as the rock goes under it's taking away from the Pacific Ocean
16.old ocean crust is more dense than new ocean crust because it is farther way from the?_________ Crust
17.where does the molten material rise out of and harden? Ocean floor
18.if subduction does not occur on the ocean floor what will happen to the ocean floor?
19.explain the theory of continental drift The gradual movement of the continents across the earths surface through geological time.
20.what is the mid ocean ridge? a long seismically active submarine ridge system situated in the middle of an ocean basin and marking the site of the upwelling of magma associated with seafloor spreading and example is the mid-Atlantic Ridge
21.which type of boundary would you find the mid ocean ridge? Divergent boundary
22.what is created when 2 pieces of continental crust collide at a convergent boundary? Mountain
23.compare the ages of the oceanic crust at the middle of the mid ocean ridge and away from the middle.
24.what is created along a divergent boundary? Mid ocean floor
25.what are faults?what stresses occurs at faults lines? Fault-an unattractive or unsatisfactory feature especially in a piece of work or in a persons character .earthquake
26.which layer of the earth spins giving us a magnetic field? Core
27.what is the main movement of the plates? Convergent
28.what happens along a transform boundary? When two tectonic plates slide pass each other horizontally.
29.what is GPS?what is it used for?
30.explain the process of sea-floor spreading. Seafloor spreading formation of new areas of oceanic crust which occurs through the upwelling of magma at mid ocean ridges and it's subsequent outward movement on either side.
Created by: akiraphillips