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Prin. Public Safety

NHS 2014-2015 Principles of Public Safety Midterm

The Exclusionary Rule developed out of which Supreme Court case? Mapp v Ohio
Sheila and Jan have T-shirts made that reflect their beliefs about breast cancer. Which 1st amendment right are they exercising? The Freedom of Speech
In which of the following locations can a person with a concealed handgun license legally carry their gun? Their place of business
Unlawfully carrying a weapon is what level of offense? Class A
What is the level or proof required for an arrest? Probable Cause
Which Supreme Court case gives officers the right to "Frisk" a person they have legally detained, if the officer believes the person has a weapon? Terry v Ohio
Rachel recieves a ticket for speeding. Can Rachel be arrested? No
In order for effective verbal communication to occur, the message must be clear and ____________ Concise
Persons in LPSCS careers must effectively communicate with The public, co-workers and supervisors
The individual who analyzes and interprets the message is the Receiver
Denial is a ___________________ Defense mechanism
Which level of proof is based on no factual information? Mere hunch
Which level of proof contains facts or evidence that a crime has been, will be or is being committed? Probable cause
What level of proof is required in a criminal trial? Beyond a reasonable doubt
Actual seizure of a person and constructive seizure is when a person voluntarily submits to the authority of the officer, and defines which element of arrest? Custody
Which Supreme Court case states that officers may only hold you long enough to conduct their investigation and detention must match the justification for the stop? Florida v Royer
Which Supreme Court case ruled that officers may pat down the outer clothing of a subject if they are believed to be armed and dangerous and for protection of themselves or others? Terry v Ohio
A search warrant is not needed for which of the following locations? Abandoned property
What level of proof is required for a search at school? Reasonable suspicion that a school rule has been violated
Who is the legal referee in the courtroom; the person responsible to see that Justice is done fairly throughout a trial? Judge
A person who has either suffered death or serious physical or mental suffering or the loss of property resulting from actual or attempted criminal actions committed by others. Victim
A person whose declaration under oath (testimony) is received as evidence. The witness has personal knowledge of an act as perceived by or through her senses, and is then able to communicate this informations or knowledge verbally or in writing. Witness
A stenographer who transcribes every word spoken during a trial; transcripts are necessary for appeal Court Reporter
The court officer whose duties are to keep order in the courtroom, secure witnesses, maintain physical custody of the jury, and announce the entry of the judge Deputy Sheriff/Bailiff
A government employee who works directly with the trial judge and is responsible for court paperwork and records before and during the trial. Clerk
A group of citizens selected and sworn, according to law, to inquire about certain facts about the evidence presented to them. Jury
The person,against whom a criminal complaint or indictment is filed; also referred to as the "accused" Defendant
A licensed trial lawyer, hired or appointed to conduct the legal defense of a person accused of a crime and to represent him or her before a court of law Defense Attorney
An attorney whose official duty is to conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the state or the people against those accused of having committed criminal offenses; also call a District Attorney or State's Attorney Prosecutor
A ______________ is a formal charging document that is issued by a Grand Jury charging that there is enough probable cause to take the matter to trial. Indictment
Which of the following is not a verdict that can be returned by the jury? Nolo contende
Which side has the burden of proof in a criminal trial? Prosecution
What is the level of proof in a criminal trial? Beyond a reasonable doubt
A deal made between the prosecutor and the defense attorney that allows the accused to receive "concessions" for a plea of guilt is called a _______ __________. Plea bargain
The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the US Constitutions True
A stop is justified if the officer doesn't like the way you look True
A search warrant must descibe the place to be searched and the property to be seized True
A search of a person or immediate area of control can legally be conducted after an arrest True
Legal terminology should be modified or defined True
A Prosecutors decision as to whether or not to file charges is referred to as Prosecutorial Discretion True
Two types of Defense Attorney's are "Private Paid" and "Court Appointed" True
Jury selection involves questioning jurors, know as Voir Dire? True
District Courts hear Felony Criminal Cases True
Municipal Courts hear cases inside the City Limits True
Justice Courts hear cases outside the city limits True
Insanity is not one of the pleas that can be entered at the pretrial phase? True
Juveniles are eligible for bail True
A form of modern day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others United States v Kyo Hwa Adler United States v Do Hyup Bae Human Traffiking
Any criminal activity involving the use of computers, such as the illegal transfer of funds from one account to another or the stealing, changing, or erasing of data in an electronic data bank. United States v Salerno Electronic Crimes
A criminal action against an individual or a group which is motivated by hatred of race, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, ethnicity, or national origin; can be an acts of intimidation, threats, property damage, assault and even murder. Hate Crimes
The pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law by law enforcement Scott v Harris Hot Pursuit
Any physical coercion used to effect, influence, or persuade an individual to comply with an order from an officer, above unresisting handcuffing, including actively point a firearm at a person Marshall v City of Portland Champion v Outlook Nashville Use of force with special populations
Created by: IAMGCS
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