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final exam


What is weathering? The breaking down of rocks.
What is erosion? The moving of broken down rocks.
What is another word for R-horizon? Bedrock
What is another word for A-horizon? Topsoil
What is another word for B-horizon? Subsoil
What is the main cause of mass movement? Gravity
How are rocks classified? By how they form.
How do inegous rocks form? By the melting and cooling of rocks.
How do metamorphic rocks form? By extreme heat and pressure.
How do sedimentary rocks form? Weathering,erosion ,deposion,compaction ,cementation.
What type of rocks can become metamorphic rocks? Any type!
What type of rock can you find fossils in? Sedimentary
What are the ways that geologists find the relative age of rocks? Index fosils and the law of superposition.
Most of earths energy sources come indirectly or directly from the ______. Sun
What are the three types of fossil fuels? Coal,natural gas,petroleum
What are the 5 renewable resources? Solar,wind,water,biomass,geothermal
What is the thinnest layer of earth? Crust
What does a lava lamp represent? The currents in the asthenophere.
What are the 3 plate movements? Convergent,divergent,transform
What are the three stress forces? Compression,tension,shearing
What are the types of mass movement? Slump creep landslide mud flow.
What land forms are created by deposion? Oxbowlake,deltas,moraines, flood plain,and alluvial fan
What makes soil fertal? Humus.
How do ox bow lakes form? The deposition of broken down rocks.
What are the layers of earth? Crust,mantle,inner and outer core.
What is the densest layer of earth? Inner core.
What are the soil horizons from top to bottom? A-horizon,b-horizon,c-horizon,r-horizon
What is the c-horizon made of? Partialy weathered rock.
What are some ways farmers can prevent soil erosion? Tearncing,windbreaks,notillplowing, cover crops.
What is deposition? When water drops the sediment it is carrying.
Created by: geko