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Kinesiology Muscles

Upper and lower extremity muscles

Upper Trapezius external occipital protuberance, base of skull, ligamentum nuchae Lateral clavicle scapular elevation, upward rotation
Middle Trapezius spinous processes of C7-T5 Acromion process retraction of scapula
Lower Trapezius Spinous Processes of T6-T12 Spine of Scapula scapular depression, retraction, upward rotation
Levator Scapulae Transverse processes of c1-c4 medial border of scapula Elevation of scapula, downward rotation
Rhomboids Spinous Processes of C7-T5 medial border of scapula downward rotation of scapula, retraction, elevation
Serratus Anterior Ribs 1-9, anterior aspect of medial border of scapula protraction, upward rotation of scapula
Pectoralis Minor ribs 3-5 coracoid process depression, downward rotation, anterior tilt
Subclavius 1st rib clavicle depression of clavicle, stabilizes SC joint
Supraspinatus suprispinatus fossa greater tubercle of humerus abduction, stabilization of GH joint
Infraspinatus infraspinatus fossa greater tubercle of humerus external rotation, stabilization of GH joint
Teres minor lateral border of scapula greater tubercle of humerus external rotation, stabilization of GH joint
Subscapularis subscapular fossa lesser tubercle of humerus internal rotation, stabilization of GH joint
Latissimus Dorsi Spinous processes of lower thoracic and lumbar vertebrae, thoracolumbar fascia, posterior ilium, inferior angle of scapula, lower 4 ribs intertubercular groove shoulder adduction,extension, internal rotation, depression
Teres Major Inferior angle of scapula crest of lesser tubercle extension, adduction, external rotation
Anterior Deltoid Corocoid process deltoid tuberosity horizontal adduction, flexion, abduction, internal rotation
Middle Deltoid Acromion process deltoid tuberosity abduction, flexion
Posterior Deltoid Spine of scapula deltoid tuberosity horizontal abduction, extension, external rotation
Pectoralis Major- clavicular head clavicle crest of greater tubercle internal rotation, horizontal adduction, flexion, flexion
Pectoralis Major- sternal head manubrium and body of sternum crest of greater tubercle internal rotation, adduction, depression
Biceps Brachii long head- supraglenoid tubercle short head- coracoid process bicipital tuberosity shoulder flexion, elbow flexion, supination of forearm
coracobrachialis coracoid process shaft of humerus shoulder flexion
Triceps Brachii long head- infragleniod tubercle lateral- lateral to the radial groove medial- medial to radial groove olecranon process extension of the shoulder (long head), extension of the elbow
Brachialis distal humerus coronoid process of ulna elbow flexion
Brachioradialis lateral supracondylar ridge of humerus distal radius elbow flexion, supinates and pronates to neutral
Anconeus lateral epicondyle of the humerus olecranon process elbow extension
Supinator lateral epicondyle- humerus, supinator crest of ulna proximal radius supination of forearm
Pronator Teres medial epicondyle, anterior proximal ulna mid radius forearm pronation, elbow flexion
Pronator Quadratus anterior distal ulna anterior distal radius forearm pronation
Extensor carpi radialis Brevis lateral epicondyle of humerus dorsal base of 3rd metacarpal wrist extension, radial deviation
Extensor carpi radialis Longus lateral epicondyle dorsal base of 2nd metacarpal wrist extension, radial deviation
Extensor carpi ulnaris lateral epicondyle, posterior mid 1/3 of ulna dorsal base of 5th metacarpal wrist extension, ulnar deviation
Flexor carpi radialis medial epicondyle palmar base of 2nd metacarpal wrist flexion, radial deviation
Flexor carpi ulnaris medial epicondyle, middle 1/3 of ulna palmar base of 5th metacarpal, pisiform wrist flexion, ulnar deviation
Palmaris Longus medial epicondyle transverse carpal ligament, palmar aponeurosis wrist flexion
Flexor Digitorum Superficialis medial epicondyle, proximal ulna, radius by 4 tendons, sides of mid phalanges 2-5 MCP, PIP flexion 2-5, wrist flexion
Flexor Digitorum Profundus anterior ulna, interosseous membrane by 4 tendons, bases of distal phalanges 2-5 MCP, PIP, DIP flexion 2-5, wrist flexion
Flexor Pollicis Longus anterior radius, interosseous membrane base of distal phalanx of thumb CMC, MCP, IP flexion of thumb, wrist flexion
Extensor Digitorum lateral epicondyle by 4 tendons, bases of extensor mechanism and bases of proximal phalanges of 2-5 extension of fingers 2-5 (MCP, PIP, DIP), wrist extension
Extensor Indicis posterior distal ulna, interosseous membrane blends with index tendon of extensor digitorum extension of index finger, wrist flexion
extensor digiti minimi ulnar side of belly of extensor digitorum joins tendon of extensor digitorum to 5th finger extension of 5th finger, wrist extension
Extensor Pollicis Longus posterior ulna, interosseous membrane dorsal base of distal phalanx of thumb extension of thumb, wrist extension, radial deviation
Extensor pollicis brevis posterior radius, interosseous membrane dorsal base of proximal phalanx of thumb extension of CMC, MCP of thumb
Abductor pollicis longus posterior radius, ulna, interosseous membrane base of metacarpal of thumb abduction and extension of CMC
Abductor Pollicis brevis abducts thumb
Flexor Pollicis Brevis Flexion of thumb
Opponens Pollicis opposition of thumb
Flexor Digiti Minimi Flexion of 5th finger
Abductor digiti minimi abduction of 5th finger
opponens digiti minimi opposition of 5th finger
Adductor pollicis adduction of thumb, flexion of thumb
Lumbricals simultaneous flexion of MCP, and extension of IP joints
Dorsal Interossei Abduction of MCP joints
Palmar interossei Adduction of MCP joints
Sternocleidomastoid manubrium of sternum, medial 1/3 of clavicle mastoid process bilateral head and neck flexion unilateral: contralateral head and neck rotation, lateral flexion
Splenius capitis ligamentum nuchae, spinous processes of C7-T3 mastoid process, lateral 1/3 of superior nuchal line bilateral: head and neck extension unilateral: lateral flexion of head and neck, ipsilateral rotation of head and neck
splenius cervicis spinous processes of T3-T6 transverse processes of c1-c3 bilateral: extension of neck unilateral: ipsilateral rotation of the neck, lateral flexion of the neck
Rectus abdominus (inferior) crest of pubis (superior) xiphoid process of sternum, cartilages of ribs 5-7 flexion of truck, posterior pelvic tilt, increases intra-abdominal and intrathoracic pressure
External oblique ribs 4-12 Iliac crest and linea alba bilateral: flexion of trunk, posterior pelvic tilt, increases intra-abdominal pressure intrathoracic pressure unilateral: contralateral rotation, lateral flexion
Internal oblique iliac crest, inguinal ligament, thoracolumbar fascia ribs 9-12, linea alba bilateral- trunk flexion, posterior pelvic tilt, increase tension in thoracolumbar fascia unilateral: lateral flexion, ipsilateral rotation
Transverse abdominus iliac crest, thoracolumbar fascia, cartilages of ribs 6-12 linea alba increases intra-abdominal pressure, increases tension in thoracolumbar fascia
Quadratus lumborum posterior iliac crest transverse processes of L1-L4, 12th rib bilateral: extension of lumbar region unilateral: lateral flexion of trunk
Iliopsoas Transverse processes of T12-L5, iliac fossa lesser trochanter of femur hip flexion, trunk flexion, anterior pelvic tilt
Short segmental muscles (muscles in group) Intertransversarius, interspinales fine control of spine, extension and lateral flexion
Transversospinal muscles (muscles in group) semispinalis, multifidi, rotatores fine movement Bilateral- trunk and neck flexion unilateral
Erector Spinae (muscles in group) iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis gross control of trunk, neck Bilateral: trunk and neck extension unilateral: lateral flexion
suboccipital muscles (Muscles in group) Rectus capitis posterior major, rectus capitis posterior minor, obliques capitis superior, obliques capitis inferior fine control of AA, AO joints, Extension of AA, AO joints, lateral flexion, rotation
Deep anterior muscles Rectus capitis anterior, rectus capitis lateralis, longus capitis, longus colli head and neck flexion, lateral flexion, fine control- visual, vestibular orientation, dynamic stabilizers of craniocervical region
Rectus femoris Anterior inferior iliac spine tibial tuberosity knee extension, hip flexion
Sartorius Anterior superior iliac spine pes anserinus hip flexion, internal rotation, adduction knee flexion, internal rotation
Tensor Fascial latae iliac crest ilitibial band hip abduction, hip flexion, hip internal rotation
Gluteus Maximus posterior ilium, sacrum, coccyx, and sacrotuberous and sacroiliac ligaments iliotibial band and gluteal tuberosity hip extension, external rotation, posterior pelvic tilt
semitendinosus Ischial tuberosity pes anserinus hip extension, posterior pelvic tilt knee flexion, internal rotation
Biceps femoris- long head Ischial tuberosity head of fibula hip extension, posterior pelvic tilt knee flexion, knee external rotation
semimembranosus ischial tuberosity medial condyle of tibia hip extension, posterior pelvic tilt, knee flexion, knee internal rotation
Gluteus medius outer surface of ilium greater trochanter hip abduction
Gluteus minimus outer surface of ilium greater trochanter hip abduction, hip internal rotation
Pectineus superior pubic ramus posterior proximal femur hip flexion, hip adduction
adductor longus crest and body of pubis mid 1/3 of linea aspera hip adduction, hip flexion
Gracilis body and inferior ramus of pubis pes anserinus hip adduction, hip flexion, knee flexion, knee internal rotation
Adductor Brevis inferior pubic rabus proximal 1/3 of linea aspera hip adduction, hip flexion
Adductor Magnus Extensor head: ischial tuberosity Adductor head: ischial ramus Extensor head: adductor tubercle Adductor head: linea aspera hip adduction extensor head: extension adductor head: adduction
Piriformis anterior sacrum greater trochanter external rotation, adduction
Obturator internus internal surface of obturator membrane greater trochanter external rotation
Obturator externus external surface of obturator membrane greater trochanter external rotation
Gemellis superior ischial spine greater trochanter external rotation
Gemellis inferior ischial tuberosity greater trochanter external rotation
Quadratus femoris ischial tuberosity intertrochanteric crest external rotation
Vastus medialis medial lip of linea aspera, intertrochanteric line tibial tuberosity knee extension
Vastus lateralis lateral lip of linea aspera, intertrochanteric line tibial tuberosity knee extension
Vastus intermedius upper 2/3 of anterior femoral shaft tibial tuberosity knee extension
Biceps femoris: short head lateral lip of linea aspera head of fibula knee flexion, external rotation
Popliteus lateral femoral condyle posterior proximal tibia knee internal rotation, flexion
Tibialis Anterior proximal 2/3 of lateral tibia, interosseous membrane medial and plantar aspects of medial cuneiform, base of first metatarsals dorsiflexion, inversion
Extensor Hallucis longus fibula, interosseous membrane dorsal base of distal phalanx of big toe extension of great toe, dorsiflexion
Extensor Digitorum Longus lateral condyle of tibia, proximal 2/3 of fibula, interosseous membrane splits into 4 tendons, attach to proximal base of dorsal surface of middle and distal phalanges 2-5 extension of DIP, MTP, PIP 2-5, dorsiflexion, eversion
Peroneus Tertius distal fibula, interosseous membrane dorsal base of 5th metatarsal dorsiflexion, eversion
peroneus longus head of fibula, proximal 2/3 of lateral surface of fibula laterala surface of medial cuneiform, plantar surface of 1st metatarsal everysion, plantar flexion
Peroneus Brevis distal 2/3 laterl fibula styloid process of 5th metatarsal plantar flexion, eversion
Gastrocnemius posterior aspects of medial and lateral femoral condyles calcaneal tuberosity via achilles tendon knee flexion, plantar flexion
soleus proximal posterior fibula, fibular head, tibia calcaneal tuberosity via achilles tendon plantar flexion
Plantaris lateral femoral condyle medial aspect of achilles tendon knee flexion, plantar flexion
Tibialis posterior porximal 2/3 of posterior tibia, fibula, and interosseous membrane attach to every tarsal except talus, bases of 2/4 metatarsals most effective inverter and supinator of transverse tarsal joints, plantar flexion, supports medial longitudinal arch
Flexor hallucis Longus posterior fibula plantar base of distal phalanx of great toe flexion of great toe, plantar flexion, inversion
flexor digitorum longus posterior tibia by 4 tendons- bases of distal phalanges 2-5 flexion of toes 2-5, plantar flexion, ankle inversion
Extensor digitorum brevis extends toes 1-4
Flexor digitorum brevis flexes toes 2-5
abductor hallucis abducts great toe
abductor digiti minimi abducts 5th toe
quadratus plantae helps stabilize tendons of flexor digitorum longus
adductor hallucis flexion and adduction of MTP joint of great toe
Flexor Hallucis brevis MTP flexion of great toe
Flexor Digiti Minimi MTP flexion of 5th toe
dorsal interossei abduction of toes 2-4
plantar interossei adduction of toes
Scalenes transverse processes of c3-C7 first and second ribs bilateral: neck flexion unilateral: lateral flexion
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