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CNA Mid-Term Review

Hartman's NA Care LTC 3rd Ed. Chapter 1 - 11

What reason do we keep bed linens wrinkle-free? To help keep the skin health and prevent pressure ulcers
What is the term for a device that replaces a missing body part? Prosthesis
Exercises that put each joint through its full arc of motion: Range of Motion
When using a transfer belt, the NA should place it: Over a resident's clothing
When helping a resident recovering from a stroke, the NA should stand on what side? The weaker side
List the correct way to remove a gown: Unfasten gown at neck and waist, roll the dirty side in while holding gown away from the body.
To best communicate w/a visually-impaired resident, when should the NA identify her/his self? Identify herself when she enters the room.
When providing care for a diabetic resident, where is the most common place sores or infection may begin? feet
The best thing for a NA do when a resident starts to fall is: Widen her stance and bring the resident's body close to her/him
The NA should use friction for at least ____ seconds when washing hands: 20 seconds
The HC setting for people who will die in six months or less? Hospice
What is an Advance Directive? A legal document that designates what kind of care a person wants if s/he is unable to make that decision.
Measuring pulse; cleaning a incontinent resident, prescribing meds, help resident walk w/a cane, which is outside the scope for an NA? Prescribing meds
How should the NA respond if a resident tries to give him/her a gift? Refuse the gift but say thank you.
Being able to identify with and enter into the feelings of others is called: Empathy
Which pulse is most commonly checked? Radial
Slapping, shoving, and rough handling are all considered to be a type of: Physical Abuse
Who can the NA share a resident's medical information without consent? Resident's doctor, members of the HC team
What is the best way to show the resident that the NA is listening? Focus on the resident and provide feedback
Mr. Gomez ate half of his scrambled egg is an example of: Observation or fact
What is used to collect objective information? The Sensess
When should the NA document care given to a resident? Right after it has been done
Who should Standard Precautions be practiced on? Every single person
When should the NA wash his/her hands when dealing w/a resident? Before and after touching the resident
A friend ask the NA to share results of the client's HIV testing, why can the NA not share the results? The results are confidential and cannot be shared
Standing with the legs shoulder-width apart is an example of: Proper body mechanics
At what angle should a resident be sitting when eating? 90 degree angle
"It will all work out in the end" is an example of: A Cliche
Contact of the mouth with the genitals is an example of: Sexual contact
Microorganisms grow best ________ environment: dark and wet
What is the last sense to usually leave the body when dying? Hearing
Lying on either left or right side is ___________ position: Lateral
What does NPO mean? Nothing by mouth
When transferring residents w/strong and weak side, the NA should move the __________ side first: The stronger side moves first
What is a quad cane? A cane with four rubber-tipped feet
When cleaning the perineal area, the NA will work from ______ to _________: Front to back
When should the NA wear gloves: while feeding a resident or while shaving a resident? While shaving a resident
Hypertension is the medical term for: High blood pressure
The proper order to don PPE is: Put on gown, mask, goggles, and gloves
The permanent and painful stiffening of a joint and muscle is: A contracture
What measurement is used when documenting the amount of fluid a resident drinks? Milliliters
Where should the NA stand when communicating w/a resident who is hearing-impaired? Facing the resident
When explaining where food is located on a plate with the visually-impaired, how can the NA explain the location? By using the face of an imaginary clock to explain the position of the food.
Pinching a resident is an example of ________ abuse? Physical Abuse
True or False: Mental illness is a disease like any physical illness. True
When the NA is experiencing stress, who is the best person to turn to: the resident, the supervisor, the resident's family, or the resident's friends? The supervisor
If an item is free of pathogens, this is considered _______ in the HC setting: Clean
With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), residents will have trouble __________? Breathing
The ability to think logically and clearly is called: Cognition
Define dehydration: the condition that occurs when a person does not have enough fluid in the body
In which side of the mouth should food be placed of a person that experienced a stroke? The stronger side of the mouth
OBRA requires the NA have ____ hours of continuing education each year: 12
True or False: Transmission-Based Precautions are used instead of Standard Precautions in some situations. False, they are practiced in addition to Standard Precautions
What is an effective way for an NA to help prevent dehydration? Regularly encourage residents to drink
Raised side rails is an example of _________ abuse: Physical
What does the abbreviation ADLs stand for? Activities of daily living
What is the military time of 4:00 p.m. 1600 hours
Using medical terminology with the resident may be a __________ to communication: Barrier
When making a call, the NA should first: Identify self and state why calling
A resident points to a glass is an example of ___________ communication: nonverbal
When a resident falls, what is required? Complete an incident report
An employer must offer an NA a free vaccine for: Hep B
Draw sheets are used to __________ residents w/o causing __________: Reposition residents without causing shearing
True or False: standard bedpans should placed w/the wider end of the bedpan in alignment w/the resident's buttocks True
What is a Sphygmomanometer used for? To measure blood pressure
Using soap and water as well as alcohol-based rubs to keep hands clean is called: Hand washing
What is a transfer belt: A safety device that helps transfer residents
A method, or way of doing something is called: Procedure
Cyanotic means: A blue or gray color to the skin
2400 hours is the same as: 12:00 a.m. or midnight
OBRA requires _______ hours for the NA to complete prior to working as an NA. 120 hours
-itis inflammation
emesis vomiting
ectomy excision, removal of
thromb(o) blood clot
pulm(o) lung
-logy study of
-oma tumor
a before
AAROM active assistive range of motion
ABCD airway, breathing, circulation, defibrillation
abd abdomen
a.c. before meals
ad lib as desired
adm. admission
AED automated external defribrillator
amb. ambulation
amt. amount
ANS autonomic nervous system
AROM active range of motion
bid two times a day
BM bowel movement
cath. catheter
DKA diabetic ketoacidosis
DOA dead on arrival
dx. diagnosis
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