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1st d nouns 1-15

1st declension nouns Latin Collins units 1-15

aqua, aquae f water
cena, cenae f supper, dinner
culpa, culpae f blame, fault
doctrina, doctrinae f teaching, doctrine
ecclesia, ecclesiae f church, assembly
familia, familiae f household, family
gloria, gloriae f glory
gratia, gratiae f grace, favor, credit (pl thanks)
hora, horae f hour
missa, missae f Mass
natura, naturae f nature
papa, papae m pope
terra, terrae f earth, land, ground
vita, vitae f life
ancilla, ancillae f maid, (female) servant
Judaea, Judaeae f Judea
justitia, justitiae f righteousness, justice
Maria, Mariae f Mary
potentia, potentiae f power
regina, reginae f queen
stella, stellae f star
via, viae f way, road, street
anima, animae (dat/abl pl animabus) f soul, life
laetitia, laetitiae f gladness, joy
liturgia, liturgiae f (divine) service, liturgy
misericordia, misericordiae f mercy, kindness, pity
turba, turbae f crowd, multitude
victoria, victoriae f victory
causa, causae f purpose, reason
causa (abl. improper prep+gen) for the sake of
Galilaea, Galilaeae f Galilee
Adam, Adae m Adam
aula, aulae f hall, church
columna, columnae f pillar, column
creatura, creaturae f creation, creature
flamma, flammae f flame
hostia, hostiae f sacrificial offering, host
innocentia, innocentiae f innocence
Pascha, Paschae f Passover, Pesach, Pasch, Easter
propheta, prophetae m prophet
scriptura, scripturae f writing, scripture
collecta, collectae f collect, collection
Eva, Evae f Eve
Mensa, mensae f table, banquet
baptista, baptistae m baptizer, baptist
dextera, dexterae f right hand
tuba, tubae f trumpet
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