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6th grade/winds

The highest point in the northeatern U.S. is _________ in New Hampshire. Mount Washington
The highest mountain in the Applacian Mountains is __________. Mt.Mitchel
The greatest wind speed ever measured at earth's surface is _____ kilometers per hour. 370
Hurricane begins at ___ mph. 75
Because air is a _____, it can move easily from place to place. fluid
The force that makes air move is caused by a difference of ___________. air pressure
What is horizontal movement of air from an area of high pressure to an area of lower pressure? wind
Air over the heated surface ________ and becomes less dense. expands
As the air becomes less dense its pressure ________. decreases
Cool dense air has more __________. air pressure
What does dense mean? heavy
Wind direction is determined with a _________. wind vane
Wind speed is measured with an __________. anemometer
The increased cooling that a wind can cause is called the ______________. wind chill factor
Wind is described by its ________ and ________. direction and speed
The ________ the wind the cooler you feel. stronger
Our weather comes from the ______. west
Unequal heating often occurs on land that is next to a _____________________________. large body of water
It takes more ________ to warm water than it does to warm land. energy
The land warms up faster than ______. water
Cool air blows _______ from the water and moves ________ the warm air. enland and underneathe
How many degrees are in each half of the globe? 90 degrees
There are _____ degrees above and below the equater. 90 degrees
Every latitude above the equater is labeled ______. north
Every latitude below the equater is labeled ______. south
Latitudes run ________ to the equater. parallel
An area of calm winds at the equater are called ________. doldrums
The equater is ___ degrees. 0 degrees
What are winds that blow continuosly in the same direction and are creatd by un even heating and the Coriolis effect? global winds
What are winds that blow over short distances and change daily, these are the winds that you feel. surface winds
Was named for French mathematician who studied winds. Coriolis effect
A wind that blows from an ocean or a lake onto land is known as a _____ breeze or a _____ breeze. sea or lake
The flow of air from land to a body of water is called a ___________. land breeze
Sea and land breezes over a large region that change direction with the seasons are called ________. monsoons
breezes from the ocean are _____. damp
breezes from the land are ______. dry
In the winter the winds change direction and you have a ____________. land breeze
Created by: anna123