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Animal Characteristics--4th grade assessment

Invertebrate animals Animals that have no backbone.
What are characteristics of arthropods? Arthropods have hard exoskeletons, body segments and jointed legs.
What is the function of the exoskeleton? It is to prevent water loss and protection.
Traits of arachnids (3) They have: up to 8 eyes, 2 body segments, and no antennae.
Traits of insects (4) They have: compound eyes, 3 pairs of legs (6 legs total), 3 body sections (head, thorax and abdomen), and 1 or 2 pairs of wings.
Characteristics of fish -Cold-blooded vertebrates -Streamlined bodies -Gills -NO bony skeletons
What are cartilaginous fish? These are fish with jaws.
Where do amphibians spend part of their life? In the water and on land.
What will happen to amphibians without water? They will dry out.
Why can reptiles live on land? Because they have lungs and skin that preserves water.
Do some mammals really have pouches? Yes, some do!
Exoskeleton --prevents water loss and protection --made of chitin
What do jawless fish not have? They do not have jaws.
What fraction of animals are invertebrates? 19/20
The life span of a fourth generation monarch butterfly is 8-10 months. What does this mean? The fourth generation monarch butterfly larva that hatches in September will probably life until the following April. It will live for about 8-10 months.
What is the biggest different between complete and incomplete metamorphosis? The amount of time and change that happens.
The 4 stages to complete metamorphosis are ______________________________________. egg, larva, pupa, and adult
The 3 stages to incomplete metamorphosis are ______________________________________. egg, nymph, and adult
How long does complete metamorphosis take? It takes several weeks.
How long does incomplete metamorphosis take? It takes up to 2 years to happen.
Cold-blooded animals An animal that gets its body heat from its surroundings
What type of metamorphosis does a butterfly go through that has wings just a few weeks after hatching? Complete metamorphosis
Created by: edavidshofer