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True /False

Brian is going to Canada to live with his grandparents. False
The pilot gave Brian a short flying lesson soon after they took off. True
Brian's mother gives him a hatchet to take with him on his trip. True
Brian had to land the plane himself because the pilot was drunk. False
Brian was upset because he saw his mother kiss a man who was not his father. True
Brian used his hatchet and a rock to start a fire. True
Brian became so sick after eating wild berries that he never ate fruit or berries again. False
Brian was afraid of the wolves that he cried when they moved away from his camp. False
Brian is sprayed in the eyes by a skunk. True
Brian was able to finally eat his first meat when he killed a "fool bird." True
A moose attacked and a hurricane hit Brian's camp. True
Brian was happy to see the tail of the plane because there was a survival kit on the plane. True
When Brian dropped his hatch while trying to get back on the plane and never found it again. True
Brian found a rifle and a butane lighter in the survival kit. True
The rescue pilot found Brian because he saw smoke from Brian's camp fire. False
Brian returned to his mother in the city is stronger after his adventure in the wilderness. True