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science TEST


fixed point that a lever pivots around- fulcrum
machine that utilizes two or more simple machines compound machine
rate at which works done power
a device that changes the amount of force exerted, the distance over which a force is exerted, or the direction in which force is exerted machine
made of a grooved wheel, with a rope or cable rapped aroun fit pulley
flat sloped surface inclined plane
of 2 circular objects fastened together that rotate a common axle wheel/axle
thick at one end tapers to be thin at the other en wedge
rigid bar that is free to pivot on a fixed point lever
an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder screw
example of an inclined plane is a ramp
wheel and axl example- bicycle
example of a wedge axe
example of a lever seesaw
example of a screw twisting a cap off
water molecule is- H2O
baking soda- NaHCO3
salt- NaCI
carbon dioxide- CO2
H2O2 peroxide
CO carbon monoxide
CH4 methane
Fe2O3 rust
O3 ozone
C6H12O6- glucose
describe the advantages and disadvantages on an inclined plane its easier to push things down than it is up… less force for moving objects down and greater force for moving objects up
How does the length around the threads of a screw compare to an inclined plane an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder
write a statement for the relationship between work,force, and direction work increases as the force and direction increases force= work times distance
what are the units for work joule
what is a machines ideal mechanical advantage 100%
Describe the lab with the levers9ruler, shapes,and penny0 we used the rulers, shoes and pennies to create and inclined plane
what is the pivot point of a lever fulcrum
there has to be less ---- force, than there is input force output
work = force times distance
percentage of input work that is converted into output work efficiency
example of a wheel/ axle screwdriver
unit measured in work joule
what are the three types of pulleys fixed, movable, and fixed and movable
what type of pulley does the input and output work go the same way movable
example of a wedge zipper
how many types of levers 3
paint opener would be what kind of lever 1st
wheel barrow would be what type of lever 2nd
sweeping would be what type of lever 3rd
a type of lever that you push down and it goes up 1st
a type of lever that all the force is in the middle 3rd
a type of lever that you push up and it goes up second
Why is output work always less than input work in real situation? some work is wasted overcoming the force of friction and gravity
Created by: ewoodham