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Survival Vocabulary


Naturalist Someone who studies plants and animals by observing them
Variation A slight difference in an inherited trait among members of a species
Natural Selection The process by which organisms with variations that help them survive in their environment live longer, compete better and reproduce more than those without variations
Adaption An inherited trait that increases an organisms chance of surviving and reproducing in a particular environment
Camouflage An adaption that enables a species to blend in with its surroundings or environment
Mimicry An adaption in which one species looks like another species
Selective Breeding The selection and breeding of organisms for desired traits
Biological Evolution The change overtime in populations of related organisms
Extinction When all the members of a species dies
Embryology The science of study of the development of embryos from fertilization to birth
Vestigial Structure A body part that has lost its original function through evolution
Analogous Structure Body parts that function the same but have a different structure
Homologous Structure Body parts of organisms that are similar in structure and position but are different in function
Comparative Anatomy The study of similarities and differences among structures of living species
Created by: Abaile24