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Manga vocab 2

Vocabulary found in Noragami

じっさい (実際) practicality, practical; reality, actuality
せいぜん (生前) while alive; during one`s life
いらい (依頼) request; commission; dispatch
ようけん (用件) business; thing to be done (as in `what`s your business?`)
ほうのう (奉納) dedication; offering
そまつにする (粗末にする) to waste; to treat frivolously or without respect
じみち (地道)な steady; honest; straightforward
ぜんあく (善悪) good and evil
そうぞう (想像)する imagination; to imagine; guess
みだれ (乱れ) disorder; unrest; disarray
みだれる (乱れる) to be in disarray; to be disheveled; upset
するどい (鋭い) sharp (blade, pain, remark, mind); perceptive, shrewd
ねたみ (妬み) jealousy; envy
あせり (焦り) impatience
よくぼう (欲望) desire; appetite; lust
さいなん (災難) disaster; calamity; misfortune
けいこく (警告) warning; advice
こづかい (小遣い) allowance; spending money
ぶしん (武神) god of war; god of military arts
ゆいごん (遺言) will; testament; last request
かんよう (寛容)な tolerance; open-mindedness
ふあんてい (不安定)な insecure, unstable; instability
わずらう (患う) to suffer from; to be ill
わずらい (患い) illness, sickness
ゆうわく (誘惑) temptation
ゆうわくてき (誘惑的) tempting; alluring; seductive
おう (追う) to chase, pursue, follow (e.g. follow a scent)
しつこい persistent; obstinate
きたえる (鍛える) to forge, to temper; to train or discipline
けんしょう (健勝) good health; in good health
しまつ (始末)する dealing with; get rid of
ておくれ (手遅れ) being too late; belated treatment
けんぞく (眷属) family; dependents
けんお (嫌悪) disgust; hate
どうぞくけんお (同族嫌悪) hating someone like you; self-hate
どうぞく (同族) same family (race, tribe)
ひきょう (卑怯)な mean; bullying
ゆいいつ (唯一) only, sole, unique
ゆいいつむに (唯一無二) the one and only; unique
みそぎ (禊) purification ceremony
いつざい (逸材) outstanding talent
あせる (焦る) to be in a hurry; to be impatient
Created by: jadethestone