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Patient has been drinking and experiencing with prescription drugs and now presents comatose. Patient most likely overdosed on? Benzodiazepine- Lorazepam. co-ingestion with alcohol will cause severe CNS depression
Medication for anxiety Benzo- Lorazepam
benzodiazepine antagonist (reverse signs of benzo overdose) Flumazenil
inhibits cGMP breakdown-> prolonged vasodilation->prolonged erection Sildenafil and vardenafil
5HT reuptake inhibitors SSRI Fluoxetine, Paroxetine, Sertraline, Citalopram (Flashbacks paralyze senior citizens)
Treat depression, OCD, PTSD SSRI
OCD DOC: SSRI- Fluoxetine Other: TCA- Clomipramine
What teratogen causes congenital goiter or hypothyroidism (cretinism) iodine
teratogen- renal damage ACE inhibitors
teratogen- bone deformeions, fetal hemorrhages Warfarin
teratogen- discolored teeth tetracyclines
teratogen- neural tube defect, fingernail hypoplasia carbamazepine
teratogen- neural tube defect folate antagonists
teratogen- ebstein anomaly (atrialized right ventricle) litium
teratogen- inhibition of maternal folate absorption valproate
Closes PDA Indomethacin
keeps PDA open prostoglandins E1 and E2
Prolactinoma dopamine agonist: Bromocriptine or cabergoline
Acromegaly Somatostatin analog: octreotide
Hyperthroidism Propylthiouracil (used in preg; hepatotoxicity) & methimazole
Hypothyrodism Levothyroxine (T4; cardiotoxicity) or triidothyronine (T3)
Blocks both peroxidase and 5'-deiodinase PTU
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