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Can a prolapsed cord occur if the membranes are artificially ruptured when the presenting part is not engaged? yes
When is the presenting part engaged? When it is at the ischial spines
What does a tocolytic drug do? It relaxes the uterus
What is thee priority nursing response with an Oxytocin infusion? Nurse's primary response is to monitor uterine response to Oxytocin (because of the risk of hyper-stimulation, which could result in decreased placental perfusion
Why should you observed an infant closely after he/she was delivered by forceps? Forceps delivery can result in local irritation, bruising, or lacerations of the fetal scalp.
Why are after pains more acute for multi-paras ? Because of repeated stretching of muscle fibers that leads to loss of uterine muscle tone
For the first three days after dlievery lochia is what color? Rubra
Lochial color changing from rubra to alba in the early postpartum period is normal or abnormal;l abnormal
Is a WBC count of 25,000 normal or abnormal in the postpartum period normal
Incomplete emptying and over distention of the bladder can lead to _____________ urinary tract infection
What does over distention of the bladder do to the uterus? It displaces the uterus and prevent contraction of the uterine muscle
When the the uterus is displace and can not contract this leads to_____? Postpartum hemorrhage and urinary tract infection
Do stretch marks disappear? Never disappear completely
Why does the linea nigra disappear after delivery? Decreases because of decreased melanocyte -stimulating hormone
In what situation is Rho-immune globulin is ordered during the postpartum period? Mother is Rh- negative and the baby Rh-positive
What instructions should be given to the mother is there is an indication for the rubella vaccine? There are risks if the mother becomes pregnant with 28 days. There are potential risks to the fetus if pregnancy results within 3 months after rubella administration
What is the best method to decrease abdominal distention after a C-section Early and frequent ambulation
Accepting the real infant and relinquishing the fantasy infant occurs during what phase of maternal adjustment? Letting-go
In what phase does the mother assume responsibility for her own care and shifts attention to the infant? Taking hold
In this phase the mother is primarily focused on her own needs? Taking on
How can the nurse assist the mother immediately after delivery in bonding and attachment? Assist the mother in assuming an en face position with her newborn
What is a sign of thrombophlebitis? Local tenderness, heat, and swelling
In discharge instructions, the mother should be told that to assist with early recognition of complications? Notify the physician of any increase in the amount of lochia or a return to bright read bleeding
What indicates laceration of the genital tract in the postpartum period.? A steady trickle of bright red blood from the vagina and the fundus is firm
Why should the placenta be inspected closely after delivery? Retained placenta can lead to late postpartum hemorrhage.
In teaching new family members, what principles should be included? Always include the father, Praise the mother's early attempts at infant care, Reassure the parents that procedure may vary but they are based on standard principle
How can thrombophlebitis be prevented during the postpartum period for a mother with a c section? Client should exercise legs every 2 hours.
A temperature elevation greater than 100.4 for F for 2 postpartum days not including the first 24 hours indicates ----? infection
Lochia and infectious material are eliminated from the body by gravity . True or False True
Why should you place the client with endometritis in a Fowler's' position? Facilitates drainage of lochia
Name a nursing measure that prevents urinary tract infections. Increasing fluid
List a nursing measure that may help prevent mastitis? Forcing fluids to at least 3000 ml/day
Can a mother who has an active infection (mastitis) breast-feed? Yes. Organisms that cause mastitis are not passed to milk
What is an assessment for a postpartum client with a uterine infection.? The nursing staff should assess the odor of the lochia
What type of feeding should be given first to an infant of a diabetic mother who is hypoglycemic? Small amounts of glucose water followed by formula or breast milk
What contraceptive method provides protection against sexually transmitted disease? Male or female condom
What behaviors are seen in newborns whose mothers are substance abuser Decreased amounts of sleep, hyperactive Moro reflex,and difficulty feeding.
Why does turning every 2 hours make photo-therapy more effective? It exposes all parts of the skin and thereby making photo-therapy more effective
List a complication off of meconium aspiration syndrome Persistent pulmonary hypertension
Why does transient tachypnea of the newborn occur Delayed absorption of fetal lung fluid
If an infant has sever meconium aspiration syndrome and is not responding to conventional treatment , why may they be transferred to a level III facility ? There is extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation
Feedings need to be monitored in an infant with hyperbilirubinemia every 2 to 3hours. What is the purpose of these feedings? Provide fluid and protein
What is the most reliable method of birth control? The intrauterine device
Protein helps maintain______ in a newborn's blood and extra fluids help eliminate________ Albumin ; and bilirubin
What is the role of the nurse in family Planning? Educate the couple on various methods of contraception
Why most informed consent be given for contraceptive use? Some contraceptive have potentially dangerous side effects.
The client should avoid douching for at least 6 hours with what methods of contraception? Spermicidal forms or gels
What symptoms should a client on oral contraceptives report immediately to the physician? leg pain and edema
What should the couple using basal body temperature birth control method know? The female's temperature will increase 0.4 to 0.8 F after ovulation.
What is the major difference between cervical cap and diaphragm? Diaphragm applies pressure on the urethra.
What should you instruct the client who had an IUD inserted to do? Check the placement of the string once a week for 4 weeks.
Infants who develop cephalohematoma are at increased risk for ? Jaundice
Name an important principle of cord care. keep the cord dry and there will be decrease bacterial growth
Why does a client who had a vasectomy need a back up method of birth control? It may take a month or more for all the sperm to be removed from the system.
How can you increase the effectiveness of condoms? by using vaginal foam
What oral contraceptive is the best choice for a breastfeeding mother? Progestin only pill
How are contractions timed From the beginning of one contraction to the beginning of the next contraction
What structures are involved in a second degree lacerations? Perineal skin through perineal muscle
What is the second stage of reactivity in a newborn? Begins when the infant awakes from a deep sleep and ends when the amounts of respiratory mucus have decreased
What is the first stage of reactivity in a newborn? Infant is alert ,cries vigorously, may suck the fist vigorously and appears interested in environment
Before a c-section, the nurse should administer oral antacid (Bicitra)
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