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unit 4 vocabulary

atomic mass average mass of one atom of an element.
periodic table a chart where all elements are orginzed into periods and groups according to the properties.
chemical symbol one or two letter code that stands for an element
period A period is the name given to a horizontal row of the periodic table.
group column of element in the periodic table, in thich elements have certain properties in common
matter the matericals that all objects and substences are made of
elements A basic substance of which the universe is composed
compound Matter made of two or more elements
atom particle into which an element can be divided and still have the properties of the element.
malleable a term used to descibe matericals that can be pounded into shapes.
ductile a term used to describe a materical that can be pulled out into a long wire
reactivity compound or element that changes during a chemicle reaction
conductivity transfer if heat from warmer substance changes from a gaseous stae to a liquid to a solid
corosion the gradual werting aways of a etal elemnent due to a chemical reaction.
alkaline earth medal an element in group 2 of the periodic table.
transition metal one og the elements in group 3 through 12 of the periodic table.
alloy a mixture of 2 or more elements ne of which is a metal.
nonmetal an element that lacks most of the properties of a metal
diatomic moleclue a molexuled consisting of two atoms.
halogen an element found in group 17 of the peridoic table.
noble gas any of the chemically insert gaseous elements of group 8a or 0 of the periodic table.
metallaid a hometal that in combination with a metal forms an alloy
semiconductor a substance as sillicone or germaninm with electricle conduction intermdiate between an insulter and a conductor
electron negitively charged particle found outside the nucleus of an atom
nueleus biology
protons positively charged particle located in the nueleus of an atom
nuetron in an atom paritcle located in the neuleus of an atom
energy level the amount of energy carried by an electron in an atom
Isotope atoms of the same elements with different numbers of nuetrons in the nuetrons and the diffrent atomic masses
mass number amount of matter in things measuerd in grams
atomic number number of protons in the nuclens of one atom of an electron
Metal elements usually soilds with a shiny surface
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