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Manga Vocab 1

Vocabulary found in Ao no Exorcist

しんこく (深刻)な serious
さきゅう (砂丘) sand dune
りふじん (理不尽) unreasonable; irrational
ざわめく to be noisy; to be astir; to rustle or murmur
けんしん (検診) physical examination; health check-up
しんそこ (心底) one`s innermost thoughts; from the bottom of one`s heart
げんいん (原因) cause, origin, source
けっきょく (結局) after all; in the end; eventually
ほんしょう (本性) true character; real nature
ふだん usual, habitual, ordinary, everyday
ふつまし (祓魔師) exorcist
しょうぞう portrait
けっかい (結界) barrier (magical)
きばる (気張る) to strain or exert oneself; to go all out
きょり distance; range (distance oneself)
たいとう equality; equal; equivalent
いけん (意見) opinion; view; comment
きりふだ (切り札) trump card
じょうきょう (状況) situation; circumstances; state of affairs
たわごと nonsense; bullshit; joke
ちしき knowledge; information
こうかん (好感) good feeling; favorable impression
かくせい (覚醒) waking up; awakening; revival
ぎもん question; problem; doubt; guess
せいぎょ (制御)する control; suppression; restraint; management
かくじつ (確実) certainty; reliability
かくしん (確信) conviciton; belief; confidence
きばらし (気晴らし) diversion; relaxation; recreation
しんよう (信用) reliance; dependence
すなお (になる) honest, upfront (about one`s feelings)
しゅじんこう (主人公) protagonist; main character
ずうずうしい impudent; shameless
しょうかん (召喚) summons
じったい (実態) true state; actual condition; reality
ちょうさ (調査) investigation; examination; inquiry
しんけん (真剣)な earnest, serious
れっか (劣化) deterioration; degradation; drop in quality
けっか (結果) result; consequence; outcome; effect
しゅうい (周囲) surroundings; environs; circumference
ぶっしつ (物質) material; substance
かんし observation; surveillance; inspection; guarding
ほうこく (報告)する report info
こりつ (孤立)する isolation; being alone; being friendless
かんり (管理)する control; management (e.g. of business)
へだて (隔て) partition; distinction
かつどう (活動)する action; activity
Created by: jadethestone