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Science 4

nephron structural & functional unit of the kidney
neutralization chemical reaction of an acid and base to yield a salt and water
neutron a heavy subatomic particle with zero change, found in an atomic nucleus
nonmetals the elements in the upper-right part of the periordic table, and h
nucleus the core of an atom, contains protons and neutrons
nutrient nourishment
nutrition takining in and breaking down nutrients to be used for metabolism via digestive system
operant conditioning a method of using rewards to train an animal to perform tasks that are not innate
ophthalmic pertaining to the eye
organic refers to compounds based on carbon
osmosis movement of water through a semipermeable membrane from an area of greater water concentration to lesser
oxidation reaction involving the loss of electrons by an element
oxidation-reduction reactions that couples the oxidation of one substance with the reduction of another
oxygenation taking in oxygen and expelling co2 via respiratory
pathogen disease causing microoganism
peripheral nervous system portion of the nervous system consisting of nerves and ganglia that lie outside of the brain and spinal cord
permeability property of membranes that permits passage of molecules and ions
pH number describing the concentration of hydrogen ions
photosynthesis formation of carbohydrates in chlorophyll
phototropism growth response of plants to light
polymer large molecule formed by many small molecules in a chain
pressure gradient differece in hydrostatic pressure that drives filtration
progesterone hormone partly responsible for preparing the uterus for the fertilized ovum
proton positive found in an atomic nucleus
radioactivity emission of subatomic particles from a nucleus
reduction invoulving the gain of electrons by an element
regeneration replacement of destroyed tissue with the same kind of tissue
regulation hormonal control of bodily function via endocrine system
renal pertaining to the kidney
reserve air amt of air that can be forced out of lungs after normal expiration
residual air amt of air left in the lungs after forced expiration
RNA genetic material that assists with protein synthesis
saturated solution that has as much solutes as it can hold at a give temperature
self duplication production of offspring via reproductive system
sensory neurons special nerve cells that transmit impulses from a stimulus to a receptore
solubility upper limit to the concentration of a solute
solute substance that is dissolved in a solution
solvent the host substance of dominant abundance in a solution
sublimation transformation of a solid directly to a gas withough an intervening liquid state
substrate substance on which an enzyme operates
tital air amt of air involved during normal breathing
tropism movement of plants in response to stimuli
vital capacity maximum volume of air inhaled or exhaled during forced breathing
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