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What is an object of institutional advertising? To demonstrate the organization's role in community affairs.
Some governments regulate promotional activities in their countries to protect consumers from... Deceptive advertising.
What is an example of an external factor that affects promotion? Government regulation of ads.
Advertising that promotes the support a bank gives to the community projects is _____ advertising. institutional
How do competing businesses within the same industry usually react to each other's promotional mixes? By playing follow the leader.
Why are promotional media such as newspapers and television referred to as mass media? They reach a lot of people at the same time.
Which of the following advertising media offers the easiest means to evaluate the effectiveness of an advertisement: Direct mail.
What is a common communications channel used in public relations? Press releases.
What is an example of out-of-home media? An electrical sign located in a high-traffic area.
Which of the following is a print promotional medium: Shoppers' guide.
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