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Customer Services

What is customer service? going above and beyond customers expectations
What percentage of dissatisfied customers actually complain? 4%
Most common complaint from a dissatisfied customers is about what? An employee was indifferent
True or False. All employees should have the knowledge of his/her job, companies history and operations, and menu and food products TRUE
True or False. All employee are involved in giving customer service TRUE
Sense of urgency means? Responding to customers immediately
True or false. Customers who complain offer an opportunity to demonstrate your best customer services. TRUE
What is the best way to handle an angry customer? Listen carefully and without interruption
True or False. Non-verbal communication is noticed. TRUE
Is the cashier an important role in the restaurant operation? yes
What is opening bank? sum of money placed into the register for the purpose of providing change
What is Z reading? All sales printed on the cash register tape are totaled at a certain time
What is a fast or short change artist? a person who makes a living by cheating cashiers out of their money
Where should the customer's cash be kept while change is being made? on the register shelve
How many step are involved in handling a cost transaction where no mistakes are made? 6
What is an over-ring? human error has produced a figure on the cash register tape that is higher than the amount collected
How do you handle a customer who comes back and complains about not receiving the correct change? Take their name and number and inform them that after you count out the register you will contact him.
Where is the best place to count the receipts? Manager office
Created by: kalimu12