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Espresso machine, drinks and coffe beans

True or False. Coffee is a seed of a cherry that grows on a tree TRUE
What are two species of coffee Arabica and Robusta
True or False. Arabica has the most flavor and aroma TRUE
True or False. Robusta has the least flavor and the most caffeine. TRUE
Arabica produce the highest quality beans at what elevation 2000 ft. to 6000 ft.
Robusta is grow at what elevation Low elevation
Where on the global does coffee grow the best? In the subtropical belt
What percentage of caffeine is removed during the decaffeination process? 97%
During the decaffeination process the flavor of the coffee is usually lost. Yes or No Yes
What effect does coffee oil have on the beans? Responsible for flavor and aroma
Is roasting coffee beans essential to the process. Yes or No Yes
What is created during the roasting process? Flavor and aroma of the coffee from the coffee oil
What roast of coffee is best suited for espresso? darker roast
What does French Roast refer to? The depth of darkness to which the beans were roasted
What does Italian Roast refer to ? The depth of darkness to which the beans were roasted
True or False. More coffee oils are created when developing darker roast for espresso. TRUE
Does the caffeine decrease or increase when the roast level of coffee is darkens? Decrease
Does acidity increase or decrease when the roast level of coffee darkens? decrease
What bean does many of the Italian blends contain? Robusta
When is the best time to use coffee beans? Right after roasting, they are fresher
Where should you store coffee beans after opening the package? Clean airtight contain in a cool, dark, dry location
What temperature should your espresso machine be able to hold for good espresso? Temperature of 192 to 198
On espresso machine, what does the group head contain? Filter gasket and group screen
True or False. The most important factor for the operator to know is the grinder adjustment control. TRUE
True or False. Coffee experience a loss of flavor and aroma immediately after grinding. TRUE
What is an important factor when creating a shot of espresso? Consistency of the ground coffee
What texture should ground coffee be for espresso? Powder with a slight grittiness
How do you find the proper grind? Trail and error extractions
What amount makes up a long shot of espresso ? 1.25 oz. to 1.5 oz.
How long does it take to make a long shot of espresso? Approximately 30 seconds
What amount makes up a short shot of espresso ? .75 oz.
How long does it take to make a short shot of espresso? Approximately 15 seconds
What is it called when water comes through the coffee to slowly resulting in a bitter extraction with dark-colored crema? over-extraction
What is it called when water comes through the coffee too fast resulting in a light color with insufficient flavor? under-extraction
What color indicates a perfect extraction of coffee for an espresso shot? Rusted-color crema marked by a small pale-colored dot
What can you do to avoid over-extraction? Make sure the coffee is ground coarsely
What can you do to avoid under-extraction? Make sure the coffee is ground to a fine consistency
True or False. Majority of portafilters filter baskets have a fill level to measure the dose. TRUE
True or False. Temperature of the milk will effect the steaming process TRUE
During the steaming process, what temperature should the milk be at? 140-160 F
what is an espresso? Straight shot of extracted coffee
How do you make an Espresso Con Panna? Shot of espresso with whipped cream on top
How do you make a Cappuccino? Shot of espresso mixed immediately with wet foam
Shot of espresso combined with chocolate syrup or powder, steamed milk, small amount of foam, whipped cream and sprinkles is what drink? Caffe Mocha
Straight shot of espresso topped with a spoon of foam is what drink? Macchiato
How do you make a Caffe Latte? Shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk and a small amount of foam
Shot of espresso mixed with hot water is what drink? Americano
Shot of espresso mixed with flavored syrup, steamed milk, and small amount of foam is what drink? Flavored Latte
How do you make a Café Au Lait? Fill half the cup with coffee, and combine steamed milk and small amount of foam
If you use half and half instead of steam milk in a Caffe Latte what is the drink called? Breve
Soda water combined with flavored syrup is what drink? Italian Soda
Flavored syrup, soda water and half and half mixed together to make what drink? Creamosa
How long should brew coffee be held in a thermal pot before a new pot is needed? 45 to 60 minutes
The entire brewing cycle for coffee by the drip method takes how long to complete? 6-8 minutes
Flat burns should be replaced on your espresso grinder after how many pounds of coffee? 500 lbs.
Most typically misunderstood principle in espresso preparation today? Proper espresso extraction
Created by: kalimu12
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