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Sanitation & Safety

Sanitation and Safety

Having dirty hands while handling food can cause what? Food contamination resulting in foodborne illness
True or False. Bacteria causes most foodborne illness. TRUE
What minimum internal temperature must fresh seafood be cooked at? 145 F
How long should fresh seafood be cooked for? 15 seconds
When utensils and equipment are not clean properly between uses it will cause? Cross contamination
Ground beef cooked at 15 seconds should be what internal temperature? 155 F
What is one of the reason as to why food becomes unsafe? Mishandling of the food products
What is the best way to prevent pest problems? Sanitation
HACCP stands for? Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
True or False. HACCP focus on identifying and monitoring procedure that might lead to foodborne illness. TRUE
Hot food should be received at what minimum temperature? 135 F
Salad bar should be held at what temperature? 41 F
Minimum temperature of a hot food serving line is? 135 F
Can foodborne illnesses happen when food is not held at the proper temperature. Yes
True or False. Leading cause for foodborne illnesses in the US is improper cooking temperatures. TRUE
What does CCP stand for? Critical Control Point
What is an example of CCP? Cooking fresh seafood to 145 F
True or False. Poor personal hygiene is a direct threat to the safety of food. TRUE
What Critical Control Point? The chances that a condition may lead to a foodservice hazard
Is sulfating agent on lettuce a chemical hazard? Yes
What is the SB 198? Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program
True or False. Workplace Injury and Illness Prevention Program, SB 198, is a law in California. TRUE
True or False. By law the OSHA poster #2203 must be posted for all employees to see. TRUE
What two chemicals should never be used together? Ammonia and Bleach
True or False. Managers must be trained in policies and procedures if a crisis occurs. TRUE
In a safety meeting how many subjects should be covered by the class? 2
Who should you contact if an accident has occurred? Building Manager, BEP, Risk Management, Cathy Woods
What process is it when you document, visual inspection of the facility for hazards? Floor sweep check
What does MSDS stand for? Material Safety Data Sheet
What location is the MSDS kept? Where all employees have access to it
How old must a person be in order to operate the electric slicing equipment? 18
How far away should the fire extinguisher be from employees reach? 75 feet
Created by: kalimu12
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