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science ch1

science ch1 sec 1-3

______is a proess used to investigate what what is happng around you. science
A person who has science knowlege and works to learn more about the natural world is a _____ scientist
_____ is the application of science to make prouduts or tools that people can use. technology
_____anwers scientific questions through observation descriptive research
______ is used to anwer scientific question by testing a hypothesies through the use of a series of carefully controlled steps. Experimental research design
______ are like ways, or steps to follow to try to solve problems. scientific methods
_____ represents things that happen too slowly, too quickly, or are too big or too small to observe directly. model
______is a prediction, or statement, that can be tested. hypothesis
is a variable that is changed independent variable
is the factor being measured. dependent variable
the variables that stay the same. constants
is a sample that is treated like the other experimental groups except that the independent variable is not applied to it control
when technology is applied to living organisms biotechnology
Takes scientific information or a new idea and devises a way to use the information or a problem or to mass produce a product. engineer
Is a limiting factor in a design such as maximum speed of the production line, maximum output of product, or minimum temp for operation. constraint
Is a scaled-down version of the real production equipment that closely models actual manufacturing conditions. pilot plant
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