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Q: Character; A: Transformation. Too many flashcards from my summer notes :D

Lycaon Wolf
Deucalion His stones, when thrown behind his back, became men.
Pyrrha Her stones, when thrown behind her back, became women.
Daphne Laurel tree
Io Cow, later Egyptian goddess Isis
Syrinx Reeds
Phaethon Killed by a lightning bolt, made Libya a desert
Heliades Poplar trees with amber tears
Cycnus Swan
Callisto Bear, later constellation Ursa Major
Arcas Constellation Ursa Minor
Coronis Killed by Apollo
Corvus Crow, feathers from white to black
Nyctimene Owl
Asclepius God of Medicine
Ocyrhoe Mare
Battus Flint
Aglauros Stone
Actaeon Stag
Beroe Juno took the form of this woman, Semele's nurse, when she convinced Semele to ask to see Jupiter in all his glory.
Tiresias Changed to a woman, then back to a man
Narcissus Flower
Echo Bodiless voice
Pentheus This king of Thebes was torn apart by his mother and aunts.
Alcithoe Bat
Pyramus and Thisbe When these star-crossed lovers died, their blood turned the mulberries red.
Leucothoe Frankincense
Clytie Sunflower
Hermaphroditus A man-woman
Salmacis This nymph prayed that she and Hermaphroditus would be made one.
Ino Leocothea, a sea goddess
Melicertes Palaemon
Cadmus Snake
Harmonia Snake
Blood of Medusa Libyan snakes/coral reef
Atlas Mountain
Phineus (suitor of Andromeda, not the prophet!) Stone
Polydectes Stone
Pierides Magpies
Cyane Stream
Ascalabus Lizard
Ascalaphus Screech owl
Arethusa Stream (when pursued by Alpheus)
Sirens Bird-women
Lyncus Lynx
Arachne Spider
Niobe Crying rock
Lycian Peasants Frogs
Marsyas Flayed alive
Tears for Marsyas's death River with his name
Pelops Rebuilt and given an ivory shoulder
Procne Nightengale
Itys This son of Procne was fed to his father as a revenge.
Tereus Hoopoe
Philomela Swallow
Aeson Rejuvenated
Cerambus Beetle
Cycnus Swan
Hyrie Stream
Bones of Sciron Cliffs
Aegina Island
Ants The Myrmidons
Laelaps Statue
Teumissian fox Statue
Nisus Eagle
Scylla, daughter of Nisus Ciris (a bird)
Crown of Ariadne Constellation Corona
Perdix Partridge
Sisters of Meleager Guinea-hens
Echinades Islands
Perimele Island
Baucis Linden tree
Philemon Oak tree
Erysichthon This man is cursed with never-ending hunger - so he eventually eats himself!
Mestra Neptune gives this daughter of Erysichthon the power to take many forms so she can be sold multiple times for food.
Achelous Bull
Lichas Ice/Flint
Hercules A god
Galanthis Weasel
Dryope Lotus tree
Lotis Lotus tree (while fleeing Priapus)
Iolaus Rejuvenated
Sons of Callirhoe Transformed from babies to grown men
Byblis Fountain
Iphis Changed from a woman to a man
Lethaea and Olenus Stone
Orpheus Killed by Maenads
Attis Pine tree
Cyparissus Cypress tree
Hyacinthus Flower
Propoetides Prostitutes/Stones
Cerastae Bulls
Galatea (statue) Human
Myrrha Myrrh tree
Adonis Anemone
Atalanta Lion
Hippomenes Lion
Maenads Oaks
Midas Golden touch/donkey ears
Daedalion Hawk
Ceyx Kingfisher
Alcyone Kingfisher
Aesacus Margus (bird)
Iphigenia Sacrificed at Aulis
Protesilaus This man was the first Greek to step on the Trojan shore, and then the first Greek to die at Troy.
Cygnus Swan
Caenis Changed from a woman to a man named Caeneus
Periclymenus Eagle
Ajax Flower with "AI" on the petals
Hecuba Dog
Polydorus Killed by Polymestor/tree
Ashes of Memnon Fighting birds
Tears of Aurora Morning dew
Daughters of Anius Doves
Acis River/river god
Glaucus Merman
Scylla Monster with dog's heads around her waist
Cercopians Monkeys
Sibyl Bodiless voice
Odysseus's crew Changed to pigs and back to men
Picus Woodpecker
Canens Fountain
Companions of Picus Animals
Acmon and companions Geese
Apulian shepherd Olive tree
Ships of Aeneas Nymphs
The City of Ardea Heron
Anaxarete Stone
Iphis This man hung himself when heartless Anaxarete did not return his love.
Romulus Quirinus (god)
Hersilia (wife of Romulus) Hora (goddess)
Euphorbus Philosopher Pythagoras
Phoenix Born again from its ashes
Hyena Switches gender
Hippolytus Died and brought back to life by Asclepius
Egeria Spring of water
Tages This Etrurian prophet was born from a mound of dirt.
Romulus's spear Tree on the Palatine
Cipus Sprouts horns
Julius Caesar Comet
Created by: McA Latin



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