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7th Science SEM1 rev

cells, 6th TEKS, human body, organic compounds

circulatory system to bring oxygen and other nutrients to all cells
respiratory system brings oxygen to the blood and takes carbon dioxide away
digestive system changes food through a chemical action into substances the body can use
nervous system sends messages to the brain and body
muscular system responsible for Movement
skeletal system provides shape and support to the body
endocrine system responsible for the rush of energy you feel when you are frightened for excited
excretory system responsible for removing bodily waste
cells basic structure of all living things
tissue group of one or more specialized cells that perform the same function
organs group of one or more tissues that work together to perform the same function
organ systems a group of interconected organs that perform related life functions
heterotroph An organism that cannot synthesize its own food and is dependent on complex organic substances for nutrition
autotroph makes its own food
chloroplast an organelle that contains chlorophyll and in which photosynthesis takes place.
glucose a simple sugar that is an important energy source in living organisms and is a component of many carbohydrates.(or just sugar). MADE DURING PHOTOSYNTHESIS
chlorophyll a green pigment, present in all green plants and in cyanobacteria, responsible for the absorption of light to provide energy for photosynthesis.
Energy The ability to do Work.
Kinetic Energy The energy an object has when it's in motion.
Potential Energy The stored energy in an object that is at rest.
Cell Wall A structure that surrounds the cell membrane and provides support to the cell.
Nucleus A large organelle in a eukaryotic cell that contains the cell's DNA/chromosomes/genetic material.
Chloroplast Organelles in plant cells that trap sunlight; organelle in which photosynthesis takes place.
Mitochondria The organelles that that break down food/sugar to release energy.
Vacuole The organelle that stores water and other materials.
Organic Compound? A compound made of carbon and hydrogen
Carbon Basic element and indicator of life
Domain The broadest category that living things are grouped in to
cell The Simplest level of organization
Metals Shiny, malleable, or ductile elements
Non-Metals Elements that may be brittle, dull, or gases
Carbohydrate SUGAR (organic compound)
Product Something that is made or produced
Reactant A chemical or compound that reacts with something else to form a new substance
Created by: cplummer76