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Biodiversity 7th

Review for Biodiversity Test 7th Grade

is a trait that allows an organism to survive in its environment Adaptation
an adaptation that is the use of color to blend in with surroundings Camouflage
an adaptation that is looking or sounding like another organism Mimicry
Is a species that is likely to become endangered in the near future Threatened species
is a species that is likely to become extinct in the near future Endangered species
is a species that no longer exists on Earth Extinct species
The cause of the extinction of dinosaurs Asteroid Impact
A cause of Extinction Habitat Loss
A cause of Extinction Pollution
A cause of Extinction Over hunting and Poaching
A way to prevent extinction Captive breeding
A way to prevent extinction habitat preservation
A way to prevent extinction Law to protect animals
Is all the different kinds of living things on Earth Biodiversity
Is a random change in DNA that leads to a new trait Mutation
Is large scale changes over time in a species Evolution
The process of natural selection begins with? Mutation
The rock pocket mouse had sandy colored fur. Randomly, a rock pocket mouse with black bur is born. This is an example of a Mutation
The peppered moth's that were dark colored and lived on dark colored trees survived better than the light moths. They passed their traits on to their offspring, causing the population to change to dark moths. This is an example of Natural Selection
Is a record of the life forms and geologic events in Earth's history Geologic Time Scale
________ are where scientists find the most important information used to trace the evolution of species Fossils
is of something an organism left behind like a footprint Trace Fossil
is a solid copy of the shape of an organism Cast
Is a hollow copy of the shape of an organism Mold
States that the oldest layers of rock are found on the bottom Law of Superposition
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