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Latin 3

Vocabulary 11

adventus, us (m) arrival, coming
aedes, is (f) building, temple
agmen, agminis (n) marching column, battle line
aliquis, aliquid someone(thing), anyone(thing)
auctor, auctoris (m) author
caedes, is (f) murder, killing
caelum, i (n) sky, heavens
casus, us (m) fall, accident, misfortune
causa, ae (f) cause, reason, for the sake of
ceteri the rest, the others
cibus, i (m) food
consilium, i (n) meeting, plan
equitatus, us (m) cavalry
felix, felicis happy, lucky, successful
gaudium, i (n) joy, gladness
hiberna, orum (n pl) winter camp
hospes, hospitis (m) friend, host, guest
itaque and so, therefore
ius, iuris (n) right, justice, law
latus, lateris (n) side, flank
laus, laudis (f) praise, glory
lectus, i (m) couch, bed
medius, a, um middle, halfway
militaris, e of a soldier, of war
mirus, a, um strange, wonderful
mora, ae (f) delay
mulier, mulieris (f) woman, wife
multitudo, multitudinis (f) crowd, multitude
nisi unless, except, if not
omnino altogether, entirely
opus, operis (n) work, task
patria, ae (f) fatherland, native land
pauci few
praeter except, besides, beyond
quidam, quaedam, quoddam a certain
quisque each
reliquus, a, um remaining, rest of
remus, i (m) oar
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