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Latin Collins 14/15

Ecclesiastical Latin 501 Christendom NDGS

inhaereo, inhaerere, inhaesi, inhaesus cling to, adhere to (+dat)
lego, legere, legi, lectus choose, select, read
colligo, colligere, collegi, collectus gather up, take in, collect
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectus love
eligo, eligere, elegi, electus choose, elect
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus write
detergeo, detergere, detersi, detersus wipe away, cancel
describo, describere, descripsi, descriptus describe, enroll
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus take up, pick up; accept
homo, hominis human being, person
Joannes, Joannis John
pater, patris m father
princeps, principis m chief, prince
redemptor, redemptoris m one who buys back: redeemer
rex, regis m king
sacerdos, sacerdotis m priest
deprecatio, deprecationis f earnest prayer, supplication
mater, matris f mother
oratio, orationis f prayer, speech
pax, pacis f harmony, peace
virgo, virginis f virgin
voluntas, voluntatis f will
baptisma, baptismatis n baptism
corpus, corporis n body, corpse
genus, generis n kind, race; nation
lumen, luminis n light, (pl also) eyes
munus, muneris n gift, offering; task, duty; (pl also) bribes
nomen, nominis n name
siccus, sicca, siccum dry
ruber, rubra, rubrum red
ergo therefore
ideo therefore, on that account
quamquam although
manduco, manducare, manducavi, manducatus eat
sono, sonare, sonui, sonitus (make a) sound
insono, insonare, insonui, --- resound
persono, personare, personui, personitus proclaim, resound
ambo, ambonis m lectern
cantor, cantoris m singer
cruor, cruoris m blood (from a wound)
lector, lectoris m reader, lector
panis, panis, panium m bread, loaf of bread
postis, postis, postium m doorpost
sanguis, sanguinis blood (in general)
finis, finis, finium m/f end, boundary, (pl) territory, district
particeps, participis m/f partaker, sharer
caligo, caliginis f mist, gloom
iniquitas, iniquitatis f wickedness
largitas, largitatis f bounty, abundance
lectio, lectionis f reading
mens, mentis, mentium f mind, intention
mors, mortis, mortium f death
pars, partis, partium f part, some
resurrectio, resurrectionis f rising again, resurrection
salus, salutis f safety, health, salvation
cor, cordis, cordium n (abl s, corde) heart
mare, maris, marium n sea
aptus, apta, aptum (+dat or ad+acc) fitting, suitable, apt
humanus, humana, humanum human
proximus, proxima, proximum nearest (+dat); subst: neighbor
salvus, salva, salvum safe, saved, sound
prae (+abl) before, in preference to; in comparison with; in consequence of, because of
praeter (+acc) except; beyond, past
satis enough, sufficiently
manduco- mandible
detergeo- detergent
inhaereo- inherent
lego- select
colligo- college
diligo- prediliction
eligo- eligible
scribo- scribe
describo- description
suscipio- susceptible
homo- homonid
pater- paternal
princeps- principle
redemptor- redemption
rex- regal
sacerdos- sacerdotal
deprecatio- deprecation
mater- maternal
oratio- oration
pax- pacify
virgo- virginal
voluntas- voluntary
corpus- corporal
genus- gender
lumen- illuminate
munus- munificent
nomen- nomenclature
siccus- dessicate
ruber- rubric
sono- sonar
lector- lecture
panis- empanada
sanguis- sanguine
finis- final
particeps- participant
iniquitas- iniquity
largitas- largesse
lectio- lectionary
mens- mental
mors- mortal
pars- partition
salus- salutary
cor- Cordelia
mare- maritime
aptus- apt
proximus- proximate
satis- satisfy
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