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GC Test

The minimum headroom for stairs is 6'-8"
Un-reinforced parapet walls shall have a minimum thickness of ____ inches. 8
A standard glass masonry unit is ____ inches thick. 3-7/8
______ are used to face nail jack rafters to hips. Two 16d common nails
joist end notches shall not exceed how much of the joist depth. one-fourth
The maximum slope of a ramp is 1:12
How many feet is the minimum width for pedestrian walkway in front of construction site. 4
What is the broadcasting of flame over a surface. Flame Spread
The bottom of the clear opening for class E classroom emergency escape and rescue opening serving children older than grade 5, shall not be greater than how many inches. 44
Standby power shall be provided for smoke control systems to span _____ minute power interruptions. 15 minutes
The total area of mezzanines must not exceed ____ of the room in which it is located. 1/3
When installing asphalt shingles over one ply of fifteen pound felt what is the minimum allowable roof slope? 4:12
ASTM _____ covers testing samples of fresh concrete. C 172
During the time concrete is being placed, metal reinforcement may _____ be rust covered
A mortar bed on top of a footing should be between _____ and _______ . 1/4", 3/4"
Waterproofing shall be applied from the bottom of the wall a minimum of ____ inches above the maximum elevation of the ground water table. 12
Metal shingles have a fire classification of _______. B
The minimum width of any egress door opening shall be _____ inches. 32
Buildings made with the use of heavy timber are classification Type____. IV
Asphalt shingles shall only be used on roof slopes of ____ or greater. 2:12
Corrugated or flat plastic skylights shall have a slope of at least _____. 4:12
What is the minimum thickness of aluminum used as valley lining material? 0.024 inch
The maximum slope for permanent fill on a building lot is _____. 50%
Cements and aggregates used in concrete shall comply with _____. ACI 318
Asphalt shingles may be attached with ______. Aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, or copper nails
A cricket or saddle shall be installed on the ridge side of any chimney greater than ____ inches. 30
When fire blocking is required, the spacing must not exceed ________. 10 feet
What is the maximum unlatching force for panic and fire hardware? 15 lbs
What grade shall be sloped away from a building no less than 1:20 for a minimum distance of how many feet? 10 feet
Nails used to install mechanically laminated flooring should be ____ times as long as the thickness of the boards. 2-1/2
Property owners who are planning on digging deep excavations on their property must notify all adjacent property owners within ______ days of starting the excavation work. 10 days
Wood shingles are fastened to the roof with a minimum of ____ fasteners per shingle. 2
One of the important uses of a general ledger is to ____. Compile financial statements
The limitation on a single project for an unlimited license is _______. no limit
A lien must be started within ____ days after last working on a project. 180 days
Is a letter of intent considered a contract document. A letter of intent is NOT a contract document.
What are considered contract documents? Drawings, special conditions, and bid forms
Which type of contracting is most similar to design build? Turn key
If a GC's corporation ends its fiscal year on Aug 31, the deadline for the corporation to submit income tax form 1120 is ? Nov 15th
If your account ball is $47,382 on May 11th and during May you pay $11,318 worth of invoices, and you deposit $14,377, what is your balance on June 2nd? $50,441
The best form of protection against sub-contractors non performance is _____. A performance and payment bond
A lien waiver is used to release an owner from_____. Paying twice for materials and labor
What is considered a current liability? A six month note
A formal emergency action plan is not required unless the employer has more than _____ employees. 10 employees
A provision that gives the owner the right to require the contractor to repair and correct any defective work or material is known as ______. Warranty
Who is required to pay federal unemployment tax? The employer
The schedule of values for a project shows Task A is worth $18,000, Task B is worth $6,500, and Task C is worth $45, 000. A is 16% complete. B is 4% complete. C is 8% complete. What is the progress payment due? $6,740
The Miller Act requires that all federal projects exceeding ____ must be bonded. $100,000
What is considered a contractor's general overhead? Marketing expense
What form is used to report payments to subcontractors? 1099
A valid contact must include what? the identities of the parties
Most public contractors are _____ contractors. Lump sum
The form of business that is easier to start and stop is __________. a Sole proprietorship
Every employee must file a _____. W4
A ______ is a guarantee to the owner that the project will be completed as planned. A performance bond
Changes to the project award are called ____. Addenda
Changes after the contract award is signed and executed are called ____. Modifications.
If a contractor made $38,000 on a project and this is 25% profit, what was the total amount of the project? $152,000
Which type of contract has priority lien rights? Contracts with the owner / Mortgage
How deep is a kitchen wall cabinet? 12 inches
The crown or camber of a glum must be placed _____. On the top
The actual size of a 2x4 is 1-1/2 x 3-9/16
A ___ is the vertical board used to enclose the spaces between trends. Riser
Using 1/4 inch scale; what does 3-3/4 inches represent? 15 feet
How long must screws be to properly fasten a cabinet with a 3/4 inch backrail to 1/2 inch drywall? 2-1/4 inches
A cut made across the grain of a board is known as a cross cut
The measure of the effectiveness of vapor barrier is known as the perm valve
Plain bevel siding must overlap at least _____ inches. 1
When placing WWM in a concrete slab what location should it be used in? in the middle
How many board feet are in (48) 2 x 6 x 8's? 384
A 32 inch door should have a rough opening of ________ 34"
An 8d common nail is _______ inches long. 2 -1/2
A stile is most likely found in which type of door? Raised panel
____ is a condition that occurs when wood's moisture content is equal to the inside of the building the product is installed in. Acclimation
Spacing for plywood used as a sheathing should be _____ inches between each sheet. 1/8
Kitchen base cabinet height is typically _____ inches. 34-1/2
A contractor is installing wall cabinets in a home built with 2 x 6 studs, one of the cabinets span only one single stud. How are the cabinets properly attached? Two #10 screws into the stud and two 3/16" x 3-1/2" toggle bolts through the sheetrock
One which of the following plans would you be able to find the footprint of the building on the lot? Site plan
How far from the foundation walls are batter boards set? 4'
What lumber defect is known as a lengthwise grain separation between or through the growth rings? Shake
The fink truss is also known as a ____ W truss
What door consists of stiles, panels and rails? Raised panel door
Which of the following panels will provide an excellent base for tile? Backer board
When wood beams are placed inside a masonry or concrete pocket how much clearance is required on top, sides and end of the beam? 1"
Fireblocking is required in walls over _____ feet high? 10
What are the four basic ingredients of Portland concrete? Portland cement, fine aggregate, coarse aggregate and water
The typical exposure while rolling roofing products is ______ inches. 17
A ___ is used to support a header over a window or door. Trimmer
What board is nailed to the end of a rafter tail? Fascia
Joist girders must not be bridged
The end anchor bolt for a deep long span joist is 3/4 inch
What does the 15 denote on the deep long span joist designation 56DLH15? Chord number
Bearing depth of a K-series joist is _____ inches. 2-1/2
Bringing attachment to the joist must be capable of resisting a horizontal force of not less than ____ pounds. 700
Placing construction loads on unbridged joists is allowed if ______. NEVER!
OSHA required that a bundle of bridging not exceed a total of ______ pounds. 1000
During shipment the orientation of open web joists should be ______. upside down
The bearing depth for a deep long span joist on a steel bearing plate is _____. 4 inches
Camber in a K-series joist is optional
What is the number of rows of bridging required for a 38 foot joist with a #8 chord member? 3
The proper end anchor weld for a deep long span joist is 1/4" @ 2"
The hardest part of a grader's work is finish blading
The effect of working uphill using a scraper is increased cycle time
A 45 degree slope is equal to a ______ percent slope. 100
Three ways to dewater a trench? Wellpoint, Sump, and new laid pipe to channel water
Generally speaking _____ rock is the easiest to rip. sedimentary
The bottom of the trench box should be no higher than _____ feet above the pipe or the ditch will be unsafe. 5
Struck capacity shows the contents of the bucket when it's filled... to the level of the rim
What is the purpose of a trench box? Trench boxes protect trench workers
Normally the travel speed of a dozer is ____ to ____ mph. 1.5 - 4
On a grading plan, contour lines are used to show ____ elevation
What is an advantage of slot dozing? It reduces the amount of load lost
What should a dozer be aligned with before making a pass? Blade dump area
What works best in muddy soil? Tracked backhoe
_____ dozing lets you move soil when there's not a way to attack it from the rear. Angle
The capacity of a heaped bucket is _____ percent of the capacity of a struck bucket. 130
How does a higher outside temperature affect concrete slump? The higher the temperature, the lower the slump.
What is used to place concrete underwater Tremie
To produce a slip-resistant surface on concrete ______ is used. Brooming
What type of joint allow for both vertical and horizontal movement in concrete? Isolation
To make concrete more flow-able which of the following admixtures should be used? Super-plasticizer
Normal Portland cement good for most projects is known as type 1
The best method for consolidating concrete is to use a vibrator
The relative humidity must remain above ____ percent for curing in concrete to continue. 80
What can retard the setting of concrete? Sugar
What are the methods to cure concrete? Wet coverings, fogging and sprinkling, and covering concrete with plastic
Type ___ cement is used if you need high-early strength concrete. III
_____ concrete is highly resistant to freeze and thaw cycles. Air-entrained
The upward migration of water in freshly placed concrete is known as bleeding
When it comes to ready mixed concrete, what period of time do you have from branching at the plant to complete discharge on the jobsite? 1-1/2 hours, 300 revolutions
Mortar should be used ____ hours after mixing to avoid hardening due to hydration. 2-1/2 hours
Efflorescence on masonry units is caused by ____ in wet brick or block being carried to the surface s water evaporates. soluble salts
Concrete masonry units should be wet down ___ never
Which type of mortar bond is generally the weakest? Block or stack
What is the actual size and weight of a 8" x 8' x16 " cmu? 7-5/8" x7-5/8' x 15-5/8' - 40 lbs
A concrete wearing surface like terrazzo is typically ____ inch thick. 1/2
Masonry mortar types include ___ N M and S
Jack arch construction should be supported by steel if the opening is over ____ feet. 2
The outside of a masonry basement wall should be pared from the footing to ___ inches above the finished grade. 6
ASTM mortar type ____ has high compressive strength and greater durability than other mortar types; its uses include structures below grade, manholes and catch basins. M
Composite floor decking has a weight range of 5 psf - 7 psf
A safe working platform should be at least ___ feet wide. 12
Weld washers are recommended for metal thickness less than 0.028
The standard maximum bundle weight for steel decking is _____ lbs. 4000 lbs.
For floor decking to be used as a working platform it must hold _____ lbs. per square foot. 50
_____ deck can be used to provide a chase for electrical distribution. Cellular
Which of the following types of deck would have a designation 1-1/2 x 6 (WR)? Cellular
The maximum size penetration that can be made in steel deck without the need of reinforcing is____ 6"
The minimum size screws used to attach steel decking are #12
Weld washers are recommended for metal thickness less that ____ gage. 22
When placing steel deck, workers should maintain a safe distance of ___ feet from the end of the deck. 6
Which type of steel deck would have a designation of 3" x 8" (DR) ? Roof
What are some of the ways to attach steel decking? Power driven fasteners, self-tapping screws, and welding
Roof deck is typically installed to endless approximately ___ inches over supports. 2
When attaching steel deck a good weld will have ____ percent or more of its perimeter working. 75
What type of line indicates the start and end point of a particular dimension. A dimension line
What are the views of blueprints? Plan views, sections, detail and elevations
When precise information is needed about a small or complex portion of the building what is made? A detail drawing
How do you calculate board feet? multiply all numbers then divide by 12 Don't worry about conversions.
What is used to determine whether or not a surface is level or plumb? A carpenter's level
What are the basic ingredients of concrete? Portland cement, fine aggregate (sand), coarse aggregate (gravel), and water
A _____ is also called a point of reference. benchmark
A _____ is a basic starting point which mesa benchmark
A ____ is a top view. plan view
How many board feet. QTY 10 2 x10 x 6 100
What is required before any use of a powered actuated tool training
Walls must be what before backfilling with soil? moisture proof
To hang a bi fold door top track first,
What is the recommended overlap for plain level siding one inch
Wall cabinet 12" deep
Base cabinet 24" deep 34-1/2 high not including counter top
Screw penetration to install wall cabinets 1 inch into the stud (2-1/4 # 10 roundhead screws)
How do you deaden sound insulating interior walls
Proper methods of installing stilton between floor joists A) Wire mesh is stapled to the edges of the joists B) Pieces of heavy gauge wire pointed at each end are wedged between the joists and sprung into place
What is often used where a highly durable scratch-resistant flooring is desired? ceramic tile
Door stop latch side
____ is also known as cement board, used as an excellent base for tile. Backerboard
minimum compression strength for a carport slab 3500 psi
Hearth pg 425
load bearing stud notched 25%
non-load bearing stud notched 40%
rafter ties spaced 4 feet
walkway load bearing 150 psf
construction railings 42 inches in height
Covered walkway 8 foot and lighted at all times
owners digging deep excavations must notify neighbors within 10 days
maximum spacing of a weep hole 33 inches
minimum diameter of a weep hole 3/16
To attach gypsum boards to 18 gauge steel studs what type of screws are used Type S-12
The maximum spacing of light gauge studs is 24 inches on center
HOLLOW glass masonry unit 3- 1/8
Solid thin glass masonry unit 3
Bearing depth of k-series 2-1/2
Longspan (LH series) joist 5 inches
Steel joist designation 18 K 7 18 depth K series 7 chord number
joist and joist riders are shipped upside down
most popular of conveyance flat bed truck
To control top heavy condition x type bridging
Most common shaped bridging Angled
Bridging is usually shipped in what length 20 feet
A shipment of bridging must not exceed 1000 lbs
Bridging (bridge welding) must be capable of resisting a horizontal force of not less than 700 lbs
when are hoisting cables released when two rows of bolted diagonal bridging are installed and anchored
Joist table sm med lg bearing depths 2-1/2
Joist table sm med lg Bolt 1/2, 3/4, 3/4
Joist table sm med lg Ancore weld 1/8 @ 1, 1/4 @ 2, 1/4 @ 2
hydration begins as soon as concrete comes in contact with water
Concrete will continue to cure at a relative humidity of 80%
concrete most used type 1
concrete moderate sulfate resistance Type 2
Concrete with
large gravity dam Type 4 iV
HIGH sulfate Type 5 V
test to measure consistency of concrete Slump test
Concrete is a popular building material because Gross volume remains unchanged
acceptable range of slump 2-4 inches
mechanical paver slump 1-3
Ready mix batching time 90 min 300 revolutions
tool to place concrete underwater Tremie
concrete joints are installed to what depth 1/4 the slab thickness
What concrete joint permits both horizontal and vertical movement isolation joint
_______ joints are stopping placing in the process of construction. Construction joints
light weight concrete pre-wetting before mixing
light weight concrete will slump ___ less
In post tensioned concrete, until concrete hardest to about ______ of its strength, the tendon is not pulled. At what percent is the tendon stressed? 75%
Never use chains or hooks to unload tendons. What can occur? Severe damage
The sheathing should be cut back from the form. 1 inch
The tendon tail should extend ____ inches from the form. 12 inches
minimum between tendons 1-1/2 inches
What is used to support tendons? #4 rebar
How can curvature be prevented? use additional bars
With a two stroke pull, the final stroke must be ____ of the full pull. 60%
The stand length protruding beyond the wedges after cutting shall be between ___ and ___ of an inch. 1/2 and 3/4
The cap filled with a Post Tensioning coating must be installed within ____ 24 hours and never exceed 96 hours
Wait _____, for the excavation site to be marked before you begin digging. 2 business days.
What is needed for the excavation notification?
tool to finish a masonry job sled runner jointer
At what point is a masonry product considered solid? 75%
Brick durability is affected by Cold, heat wetting, drying and soluble
_____ on masonry walls is caused by soluble salts in wet brick being carried to the surface as water evaporates. efflorescence
A ______ bond five stretcher courses, then one header course. A common bond
Why is the concave and most tooled mortar joints the most used? they resist rain penetration
________ has high degree of mechanical perfection. Unglazed facing tile (FTX)
A 8x8x16 cmu weighs ____ 40 pounds
Actual size of a 8x8x16 7-5/8"x7-5/8"x15-5/8
Masonry glass block joints are typically ____ 1/4" on all sides
Limestone is best stone for _____ because it does not crack. windowsills
most significant property of a masonry wall bond strength
What type of mortar is used below grade. basements, manholes M (manhole)
When wind speeds exceed 80 mph S (speed)
tool used to furrow a full mortar bed a trowel
a full mortar bed is used ______ to ensure a good bond between the footing and the bed course
An expansion joint on the outside with must be spaced no farther than 50 feet
The jack arch is relatively weak and should be supported by steel if the opening is over two feet
Welded wire reinforcement should be lapped at lest one full stay plus 2 inches
Brick grade sw sever weathering, mw moderate weathering , negligible weathering
Brick grade freeze and thaw
Brick grade interior lobby
Brick grade breezeway
That part of any wall entirely above the roof line Parapet wall
Wall tie cavity diameter of a wall tie 2/16
calculate trench pipe multiply all numbers and divide by 27
load factor bank vol
dozer for landscaping light utility
How should an operator align the direction of a dozer align in the direction of the bade dump area
How do you move soil when you can't attack it from the back angle dozing
Hardest part of a grader's work Finish BLADING....BLADING,,,,BLADING
how to make a scraper more productive pushing on the push blocks to the rear of the bowl
Stations equals how many feet 100
sta2+50 equals what 250 feet
Hub and reference stakes look at figure
45% slope is equal to ___ 100%
A length of trench that a hoe can excavate from one position a set
Heaped capacity is usually ____ of the struck capacity 130%
for trenches deeper than 8 feet what should the operator's first choice be tracked backhoe
unstable ground or soil in a trench use a trench box
best choice when working in FIRM soil shoring jack
a trench box should be set no more than five feet above the pipe
Easiest way to compact soil puddling
best method to compact soil sheep foot roller
A trench box should be placed no more than ____ feet above pipe 5
Contour lines widely spaced relatively flat
contour lines closer together steep slope
type 1 asphalt dead level roof
nominal size of a 2x4 2x4 NOMINAL
type of rock that is easiest to rip sedimentary
the water table varies from season to season
GC needs to do after rain story ....water in trenches.. you must replace soaked soil with dry fill
Wellpoint system works best in what type of environment? course grain (sandy)
Best way to dewater a trench a wellpoint system
You must replace soaked soil with dry fill
Handrail range 36-38"
solid roof sheathing is recommended when 0 degrees or colder
preferred solid roof sheathing 1x6
purpose of roofing underlayment notes 1-6 protects roof sheathing before the roof covering is app
Advantage of underlayment prevents asphalt from leaking into the building
underlayment is installed over the edge and under the rake
cause of an ice dam lack of ceiling insulation
cure of an ice dam rubberized product with an adhesive back with release paper
Why are there mineral granules on asphalt shingles protect from ultra violet rays
Cricket or saddle required any chimney over 30 inches
what side is a cricket or saddle installed ridge side
What does a cricket or saddle resemble small gable
how many nails in 3 tab asphalt shingles 4 nails
most likely cause of a leak in the field nail head cut the shingle
what do you call the part of a shingle not covered exposure
wood shakes split
wood singles sawed
brackets are required when installing clay tile shingles on roofs greater than 7:12
roof covering lasts 50 years slate
asphalt on dead level roof type 1
type of asphalt used on a flat roof type 2
most common asphalt type 3
flash point of asphalt point 437 - 500
max temp asphalt temp within 25 degrees of flash point MAX 475 degrees A
How many gallons of asphalt cover square BUR 3 gallons
proper method to ventilate a cathderal ceiling sofit vent 1 inch clearance rafters
vapor barrier prevents warm air contacting a cold surface
where is vapor barrier installed heated side of the room - Paper to the people
vapor retarder min thick 6 mil
vapor retarder min lap 12 inches
common leak in roof flashing around vent pipe
how to repair a minor repair on a 3 tab ashpalt shingles apply roofing cement, sprinkle granules and rub them in
advantage of repairing asphalt on a warm day The asphalt shingle is more pliable
To control moisture ventilate unconditioned spaces
letter of intent not part of the business plan
What form of business is double taxation avoided S corp
What is a limited partners liabliity the amount they invested
no managerial decision capability Partnership
disadvantage of a partnership unlimited personal liability
GC license displayed at your business at all times
how long for change of address 30 days
loss of partner 30 days
change of name of person or company 30 days
GC license expires Dec 31
Reciprocal rights Tenn and SC
a limited license 500,000
Workers' Comp needed with 3 or more employees
Miller act you must be bonded
job cost Superintended year end bonus in NOT a job cost
key element of a contract identity of parties
material breach termination litigation refusal to pay or perform $$$$$$
immaterial breach less serious violation
Fire in the middle of a job breach of contract
changes to the project award addenda
changes after the contract award modifications
I-9 form within 3 days of hire
America with disability Act 15 employee
a safe project is more profitable
NC New Hire reporting within 20 days of hire
emergency action plan more than 10 employees
OSHA records must be kept five years
OSHA Records must be kept if you have what number of employees 10
Willful OSHA violation $70,000
lead paint 1978
what is the document that proves a transaction has taken place source document
time card source document
Income statement profit and loss statement
Circular E IRS publication
FUTA form federal unemployment tax 940
Sub contractor Payment form 1099
withdraw a bid 72 hours
False statement misdemeanor
Know how to read a dimension line on a blue print
building on a lot site plan
shape of master suite floor plan
size of a footer foundation plan
duct work Mechanical plan
board feet Qty 10 2x10x6 multiply all numbers and divide by 12 100
powder-actuated tool needs training
used to determine whether or not a surface is level or plumb a carpenter's level
four ingredients of concrete portland cement, fine aggregate, course aggregate, water
benchmark point of reference
basic starting point bench mark
what is used to mark the building lines and sometimes the height of the foundation walls batter board
floor board shrinkage is worse across their widths
shake grains separations between growth rings
check a crack that runs through a board, usually running lengthwise. It is usually caused when lumber dries out too quickly
cause of shake wind shear to the tree
check is caused by trama to a tree
decay resistant lumber cypress, redwood, and cedar
glulams install curve up
glulams never notch and install curve up
Timmer supports a header over a window or door
max spacing of fire-blocking 10 feet
long continues stud
Fink truss W truss
board nailed to the end of a rafter tail fasica
how to attach plywood to a sofit 4d nail 6 inches apart
preferred exterieur door solid core
door with stiles, panes and rails raised panel door
standard height for an interior door 6'8"
how to hang a bi-fold door top track first pivot mounting plates against each jamb pin the bottom track sockets Then insert upper pivot pin
First thing to install on a door door stop
overlap for plain bevel siding 1 inch
radiating treads can be used instead of a platform to turn a stair Winder
bass cabinet depth bass cabinet depth is 24 inches.
wall cabinet depth Wall cabinet depth is 12 inches.
height of base cabinet 34-1/2 not including countertop
screw to install wall cabinet #10 roundhead 2-1/4
wall cabinet spans one stud 2 screws and toggle bolts
install insulation into floor joist wire mesh is stapled to the edge of the joist heavy gage wire
store flooring for 5 days acclimation
scratch resistance flooring in high traffic area ceramic tile
excellent base for tile backer board
finishtration every opening ....door , window, ceiling skylight, etc.
bearing depth of a k series joist 2-1/2 inches
longspan joist bearing depth 5 inches
bearing depth of a deep long span joist
Steel joist designation 18 k 7 18 nominal depth in inches k joist 7 chord number
joists are shipped in what position upside down
What is the typical conveyance of joists flat bed truck
to control top heavy condition an additional row of x type bridging is required
What shape and what size are joists delivered on a job site angle
Bridging must be capable of resisting a force of how many pounds 700
when do you release a hoisting cable 2 rows of bolted diagonal bridging nearest the 3rd points of the steel joists (remember 2/3)
understand the joist table bearing depth, joist, and weld
portland cement types - used for most work type one
portland cement types - moderate sulfate type two
portland cement types - high early compression strength Type three
portland cement types - large gravity dam Type four
portland cement types - High sulfate attack Type five
Weep hole max spacing 33 inches spacing
weep hole diameter 3/16 diameter
test to measure consistency of concrete slump test
most dependable building material concrete - does not change shape
acceptable slump range 2 - 4 inches
acceptable slump range for paver 1-3
How long do you have to use ready mixed concrete 1-1/2 hours or 300 revolutions
to place concrete under water tremie
isolation joints horizontal and vertical movements
contraction joints tooled or sawed into a slab to a depth of 1/4 the slab thickness
construction joints stopping places in the process of construction
to make light weight concrete use light weight aggregate - requires presetting
uncured concrete should not come in contact with aluminum use galvanized tubing and free floats
Patio in back of building sinking and bowl like floor in basement high water ratio during initial mixing
before you can stress concrete it must 75%
when handling post tensioning coil never use chains or hooks
how far back should post tensioning sheathing be cut back 1 inch
recommended clearance between tendons 1-1/2 inch between tendons
What number rebar used to support tendons #4
to correct reverse curvature additional bars may be required
When stressing jack are required to achieve elongation 65%
Standard steel deck widths 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36
Any cutting for width is done in the field / job site
cellar deck used so electrical wire can be used as chase can be run through it
max weight of steel deck bundle 4,000
placing steel deck a worker to be safe 6 ft kneeling
for end attachments on steel decking #12
plumber cut a 6 inch hole in roof deck no reinforcement needed
Openings to 24 inches perpendicular to steel deck C4x5.4
How to protect a steel deck from damage It should be planked
how long must you wait to excavate 2 business days
if you have multiply excavations and they are both on the same block. one block one call. two block two calls
Excavation color coding - Green sewer
Excavation color coding - white propose excavation
Excavation color coding - red power lines
Excavation color coding - pink survey, temp
Excavation color coding - purple slurry, reclaimed water, irrigation
Excavation color coding - blue Water
brick to use in a breezeway moderate weathering
The part of any wall entirely above the roof line Parapet wall
Wall tie cavity diameter of a wall tie 2/16.
Min lap for ladder wire 8 inches
how much motar coverage of wire? 5/8
An erosion and sedimentation control plan must be approved before land and disturbance begins on any site 1 acre or larger
A sediment basin must be built over gravel
Runoff must be diverted across the slopes
A permanent ground cover sufficient to control erosion must be installed within 30 working days or 120 calendar days whichever is less after the construction is complete
If a stop work order is given Stop work
trig keeps 1/16 away
Any self loading scraper will be more productive especially in hard or muddy soil when assisted by a dozer Pushing on the push blocks to the rear of the bowl
What does not affect the workability of concrete Calcium chloride
In post tension slabs a minimum clearance of how many inches is required around all blackouts? 6
How many strength tests are required for the placement of 1500 yards of concrete 10
Most common material used in set accelerating concrete admixtures today? Calcium chloride
What is not allowed in a post tensioned stressing pocket? Having Chlorine as an additive
For concrete exposed to de-icing chemicals what precent of silica fume should be used as a cementous material 10%
Contraction joints are installed to a depth of ___ of the slab thickness 1/4
Concrete using fly ash generally exhibits less bleeding and ___ the plain concrete. segregation
What are the methods to control plastic shrinkage? Wet burlap, wind break, fogging
When placing concrete it must be maintained at a temperature of at least ___ degrees and in most condition for ____ days 50 degrees for seven days
Acceptable slump range 2-4
Any metal reinforcement in mortar joints, such as a rebar, ties, or strap anchors, must be held back how far from the face of the block or brick 5/8
What tool should be used to cut brick when the cut edge will be hidden by the mortar brick hammer
What tool is used to make a mortar joint sled runner jointer
A 5/8 diameter bar is usually used to make what size concave mortar joint? 3/8
Ways to attach steel decking to the building frame Arc puddle welds, powder or pneumatically driven pins, and self drilling screws........not adhesive
Weld washers thickness 0.028 (22 gage)
Before stressing the tendon tail must extend how many inches from the form 12 inches
To weld a longspan joist to a stud support, the weld must be ___ 1/4 fillet weld, 2 inches long
When installing stud joists with respect to horizontal bridging, what is the minimum lap 2"
Banded tendons should be bundled not more than (5) 1/2 inch or (4) ___ in a group 0.6
Camber in an open web short span steel joist is optional
Do not lift steel joist by their strapping
The plastic sheathing on a post tension tendon must be cut back how far from the concrete form 1"
Most common edge used for drywall Tapered
When installing wall cabinets, screw penetrations must be at least ___ into the studs 1"
Main purpose of a top plate to tie in partitions and intersecting walls
Most commonly used asphalt Type 3
Recommended widest board for solid roof sheathing 6"
Agency which determines fire ratings UL
Recommended solid roof sheathing at 0 degrees or below 1x 6
To control moisture in unconditioned spaces ventilate
Medicare 1.45%
Most common item left out when preparing a bid time and cost of preparing bid
Safety nets 8 feet beyond and no more than 25 feet below
OSHA Masonry walls over ___ feet must be braced 8
Clay or concrete roofing tiles must be corrosion resistant and not less than 11 gage
Bearing depth for a wood joist 1-1/2 what is the bearing depth for the same joist on masonry 3"
In no case shall the edge of a bored hole be nearer than ___ of an inch to the edge of the stud. 5/8
non load bearning studs notched 40% of their width
load bearing studs notched 25%
max spacing of a 2 x 6 purlin 6'
Drip edge must be mechanically fastened to a max of 12 inches on center, with a min overlap of how many inches 2
Combustible insulating boards not more than ___ in thick covered with finish flooring are permitted where attached directly to non-combustible floor assembly or to wood sub flooring attached to sleepers 1/2
Required head lap for slate roof with slope of 20:12 2"
Rafter ties spacing not more than 4 feet on center
An excavation ticket is good for how long 15 days
When must the licensing board be notified if the qualifier leaves immediately
lawsuit to foreclose on a lien 180 days
a length of trench that a hoe can excavate from one position set
what happens as a result of high concrete temperature loss of slump and lower strength
slump range for paver 1"-3"
Air-entrainmentnt into concrete 5-8%
In post tensioned stressing pocket chlorine as an additive is not allowed
contraction joints 1/4 into a slab
strength tests required for 1500 yards of concrete 10
curing concrete ponding, live stream, and heated forms
types of wall ties corrugated, rectangular, and Z
masonry block joints 1/4 on each side
stone that works best on window sills lime stone
steel girder 1/4 @ 2
support tendons #4 rebar
plumber does not need reinforcement
deep long span anchor bolt 3/4
before stressing a tendon tail needs to be how many inches from form 12
plastic sheathing on post tension tendon 1" away from concrete form
to check square measure diagonals
western framing platform
boards shrinking across width cause more issues than shrinkage across length
widest board for solid roof sheathing 6"
Starting SUTA rating 1.2%
min. framing on non bearing wall 28 on center
How far away from a concrete form should plastic sheathing on post tension tendon 1" away from concrete form
to check square measure diagonals
platform framing is also known as western framing
When there is board shrinkage which poses more problems shrinkage across width or length Width shrinkage across boards causes more issues
1 sq of asphalt shingles 2-1/2
Widest board for solid roof sheathing 6
before backfilling with soil walls must be moisture proof
Starting SUTA rating 1.2%
pneumatically driven tools 100 psi
min. framing on non-bearing wall 28' on center
compression test cylinders 15,000 6
sever exposure 3,500 psi
Barrier cable must not be stressed more than what precent of the ultimate strength of the the strand? 80%
Bearing depth for a steel joist girder 2 1/2"
Stringer angle 30-35
most common drywall edge tapered
Asphalt most common M
Max temp that asphalt is heated 475 degrees
COBRA 18 months
Time to withdraw a bid 72 hrs.
how far must a heater be away from a combustible material 10 ft
out of order sign white tag, white letters on black background
max. scaffold vertical interval for platforms 35'
Safety net sand drop test 400 lbs 30 inches
Wood girder entering masonry wall 1/2 air space
ground to girder 12 inches
combustible members entering into concrete or masonry firewall from opposite sides shall not have less than ____ distance between embedded ends. 4"
A ___ inch diameter anchor bolt must be used to anchor roof diaphragms to masonry walls 1/2
1/2 inch anchor bolts must penetrate ____ inches into masonry walls. 15 inches
board hole 5/8 edge of stud
run off diverted across slopes
Change of address 30 days
Watertight cap filled with a P/T coating must be installed 24 - 96 hours
Acceptable slump for pavers 1-3 "
Concrete exposed to de-icing chemicals, what precent of slice fume should be used as cementious material 10%
Calcium chloride does not affect workability of concrete
strength test required for 1500 yards of concrete 10
anchor used to join a masonry partition wall to a bearing wall strap
diameter of a wall tie 2/16
Camber for 60 ft jack 1-1/2
Bearing depth for a k series joist 2-1/2
Plastic sheathing on a post-tension tendon must be cut back from a concrete form 1"
While stressing the tendons, with two or more stroke pulls the final stroke must be what percent of the full pull? 60%
OSB Oriented standard board
Rake incline edge of a gable roof
At the eaves where does the metal drip edge go under the felt paper
Most reliable estimating method for a construction project take off method
A pneumatic tied earth moving equipment max speed must be equipped with fenders 15 mph
top rails of guardrails must be no less than what diameter 1/4
Sliding door threshholds 3/4 inch
Bolt heads must not be closer than ___ to the edge of fireprooofing 1"
to toe nail a stud to a sole plate use which nails 8d 4
two flues needs a 4 inch masonry wall between the flues
Firealarm 42-48
Slump 2-4
Discard mortar after 2.5 hours
Deck fastening 1/2
end anchor bolt required for a deep long span joist 3/4
hub and reference stakes
in trenches deeper in 8 ft
The garage and attic must be separated by 1/2 gypsum
Bolt heads must not be closer than _____ to the edge of fireproofing 1 inch
the height of the parapet firewall shall not be less than ____ above the point where the roof surface and the wall intersect 30 inches
The clearance between the ends of combustible members in a firewall must be 4 inches
what is the maximum wired glass area for a door with a one hour fire rating 100 sq inch
Fireblocking horizontally at intervals not exceeding 10 feet
combustible roof insulation may be used if the roof covering is applied directly to the insulation
fire alarm boxes 42-48 inches
doors of egress must be 32 inches
doors of egress must swing in the direction of egress travel where serving an occupant load of 50 or more persons
siding doors threshholds 5/8
exits for 1-500 occupants 2
Saw blade used to cut masonry diamond
sandblasting nozzle 1/4
maximum reinforcement allowed in masonry walls #11
maximum bundle for decking 4,000 lbs
bearing depth for steel joist girder 7-1/2
optimum water content when soil reaches maximum density due to water content
moderate sulfate resistant cement Type II
mechanical paver acceptable slump 1-3
minimum compression strength for cmu's used in basement walls 1000 psi
1500 strength tests 10
Any metal reinforcement in mortar joints such as rebar, ties, or strap anchors, must be held back how far from the face of the block or brick 5/8
What is used to connect a bearing wall to a partition wall strap anchor
maximum size of reinforcement allowed to be used in masonry walls # 11
bearing depth for an open web joist 2 -1/2
barrier cable must not be stressed more than what precent of the ultimate strength of the strand 80%
overlap for plain bevel siding 1 inch
pounds of nails to install 1 sq. of asphalt shingles 2-1/2
most common ashpalt Type III
nuclear density test fastest method bc it can be done onsite
Income statement reflects the financial operations of the company
With a working length of 28 feet, how far from the building should the foot of the ladder be 7 ft
In no case shall the edge of a bored hole be nearer than ___ of an inch to the edge of the stud 5/8
What is the maximum floor joist span allowed for a residential sleeping area, using #1 spruce pine 2 x 10 with a spacing of 12 inch on center 19' 0"
ASTM standard covers fire resistance rating for glazing E119
What class of materials is required for use in a group F buildings sprinkled corridors? C
A building permit is good for 1 year
A trimmer or header must be doubled if it exceeds how many feet 4
Anchor bolts to attach diaphragms to masonry walls 1/2 inch bolts with 15 inch penetration
High Slope roof 4:12
moderate weather basement 2500 psi
temporary gravel entrance must be 12' wide, 6 " thick and how many feet long 50
Which of admixture dramatically improves the durability of concrete exposed to cycles of freezing and thawing and de-icing chemicals? air-entrainment
specified compression strength of plain concrete to be used for structural purpose shall not be less than 2500 psi
Minimum compression strength for cmu's used in the construction of basement walls 1000 psi
normal acceptable range of slump for most work 2-4
five stretcher courses of brick with one header course describe what type of bond common
concave and most tooled mortar joints 3/8 thickness
What is the end anchor bolt required for a deep long span joist 3/4
plastic sheathing on a post tension tendon must be cut back how far from the concrete form 1"
installing steel decking panels a good weld will have _____ or more of its perimeter working 75%
psf for cellular floor decking 5 psf
maximum bundle of decking 4000 lbs.
inclined edge of a gable roof rake
overlap for plain bevel siding 1 inch
At the eaves where does the metal drip edge go under the felt paper
safety net beyond 8 feet and 25 feet below
ASTM standard covers fire-resistant rating for glazing E119
days to appeal to the commissioner of insurance 10
High slope roofs 4:12
ends of wood girders entering exterior masonry or concrete walls shall be provided with ___ air space 1/2 inch of air space
soil most likely to shift sandy
Until the concrete hardens to about ___ of its full strength the tendon is not pulled 75%
To measure consistency of concrete slump test
scraper going uphill increase in cycle time
when estimating large excavations divide into sections
moderate sulfate resistant portland cement Type II
Slump range for pavers 1-3
most common material used to set accelerating admixtures calcium chloride
not allowed in post tension stress pocket chlorine as an additive
Acceptable slump range 2-4
max weight for decking bundle 4000 lbs.
joist girders not bridged bracing required for bottom chord
deep long span anchor bolt 3/4
Deck fastening 1-1/2
cellular floor psi 5 psi
stringer angle 30-35
batter boards ___ feet from foundation walls 4 feet from foundation walls
rough door opening for a 32 inch door 34 1/2
end lap for underlayment for asphalt shingles 4 inches
side lap or offset for wood shingles or shakes 1-1/2
top rails of guardrails must be at least 1/4 diameter
joist bridging is required if the depth to thickness ratio exceeds 6:1
max spacing for anchor bolts in sill plate in conventional light frame construction 4'
All fill must be compacted to what percent of standard proctor density 90%
Mezzanine guardrails height 42 inches high
basement wall in moderate weather psi 2500 psi
end joints in double top plates must be staggered 48 inches
Tree stump removal 12 inches below the surface
who is responsible for sediment control person who gains financially
Advantage of post tension concrete structural continuity of the member
minimum compression strong for cmu's used in the construction of basement walls 1000
masonry mortar joint that provides the best moisture protection tooled
To clean brick diluted HCL
To ensure a good bond between the footing and the bed course full mortar bed
steel joist bridging shape and length 20 ft angle shaped
roof deck is typically installed to end lap how many inches over support 2 inches over support
when installing steel decking panels a good weld will have ___ % or more of its perimeter working. 75%
bearing depth for a steel joist girder 7-1/2
A steel joist must bear a minimum of __ inches on the steel bearing plate 4 inches on the steel bearing plate
steel deck platform must be 12 inches wide
gutters are attached to fascia board
First board of tongue and groove flooring 1/2 in from the wall groove side facing wall
fire alarm height 42-48 inches
footings must be below __ below the frost line
Deep long span joist anchor bolt 3/4
psf for roof and psf for decking 30 psf for roof and 50 psf for decking
After stressing, what should the strand length protruding beyond the wedges be? 1/2 and 3/4
Barrier cable must not be stressed more than what percent of the ultimate strength of the strand 80%
Max weight of a decking bundle 4000 lbs.
steel deck working platform 12 feet
deck fastening 1-1/2 inch of bearing
clearance needed when installing wood beams in a concrete or masonry pocket 1/2"
Lengthwise grain separation shake
drip edge is attached to the roof deck
brackets are required when installing clay tile shingles on roof slopes greater than 7:12
vertical members for guardrails how far apart 19" apart
combustible insulating boards not more than 1/2 inch thick covered with finish flooring sub flooring sleepers 1/2
end joints in double plates must be staggered 48 inches
1 cubic yard of concrete if the concrete is 6" thick? 54 sq feet
How many cubic yards will be evacuated from trench 40 feet long, 2 feet wide and 24 inches deep with a swell of 10%? 7 cubic yards
minimum diameter of a weep hole 3/16
moderate sulfate resistance cement Type II
Diameter of a wall tie 2/16
end anchor bolt for a deep long span joist 3/4
approximate camber for a 60 foot joist 1-1/2
The plastic sheathing on a post- tension must be cut back how far from the concrete form 1"
What is a story pole used to check in construction height of horizontal framing members
If a wire rope is used as a guardrail it must be flagged 6 feet intervals
psi for compressed air used to clean 30 psi
aluminum valley lining material 0.024
minimum thickness for metal veneer siding .0149
For open valleys lined with metal the valley lining must be how many inches 24
minimum flood pool volume for a temporary sediment trap per acre 1800
primary aggregate used in mortar sand
concave and most tooled mortar joints common thickness 3/8
steel joist must bear a minimum of ____ inches on the steel bearing plate 4 inches
What is the end anchor bolt required for a deep long span joist 3/4
minimum number of rows of top chords bridging required for a 38' joist with a #8 chord member 3
Deck fastening to the structural frame can be accomplished with welds, self-drilling screws, air dried or powder driven fasteners with a minimum of ___ bearing. 1-1/2 inch bearing
Roof deck is typically installed to end lap how many inches over supports? 2
Basement to first floor is 9'4" how many treads will the stairs have? 15
lengthwise grain separation shake
plywood to sofit 4 d spaced 6 inches apart
underlayment for asphalt shingles end lap 4 inch end lap
to cut brick brick hammer
deck fastening 1-1/2 bearing
plastic sheathing cut back ____ from concrete form 1"
camber for a 60 foot joist 1-1/2
end anchor bolt for deep long joist span 3/4
pounds of nails for 1 sq asphalt shingles 2-1/2
lap for wood shingles or shake 1-1/2
OSHA requires that where columns are not framed in at least two directions, joist at column lines shall be field bolted
A wellpoint system is the best way to dewater a trench and works well in ____ soil Sandy soil
Diameter of a wall tie 2/16
Expansion joint on the outside with must be spaced no further than how many feet apart 50
minimum size of rebar to support tendons #4
how many nails are required to install a three tab asphalt shingle 4
When installing a BUR it typically takes how many gallons of asphalt coating to cover 100 sq ft? 3
What is the most common asphalt used III
What is the part of the shingle not covered by the next course of shingle exposure
The maximum temperature you can heat a Type III asphalt is 475 degrees
The underlayment for asphalt shingles must have an end lap of 4 inches
how many pounds of nails per square are required when installing asphalt shingles 2.5
The roof slope factor for a 4:12 slope is 1.054
one sq of asphalt shingles will cover how many sq feet of roof 100
What is recommended for solid roof sheathing 1 x 6
The purpose of mineral granules on roof coating is protect from UVA from the sun
Which roof coating has a life expectancy of 50 years slate
What type of asphalt is used on a dead level roof 1
if the chimney is greater than 30 inches what is needed to help keep ice and snow from building up at the upper side of the chimney and diverts rainwater cricket
The sidelap or offset for wood shingles and shakes must be ____ inches 1-1/2
What is the purpose of using an indemnification clause in a construction contract? To protect the contract against loss due to theft or fire
The Fair Labor Standards Act provides for sub-minimum wage provisions for which group of employees? Student Learners
How long must tax records be retained? 4 years
Actual size of a 2x4 1-1/2 x3-1/2
A ____ is a vertical board used to enclose the spaces between trends riser
How long must screws be to properly fasten a cabinet with a 3/4 inch bacterial to 1/2 inch drywall 2-1/4 inches
cut made across the grain a cross cut
The effectiveness of vapor barrier is known as perm valve
plain bevel siding must overlap at least 1 inch
When placing wwm in a concrete slab what location should it be in in the middle
How many board feet are in an 8/4 board 7 inches wide and 10 feet long? An 8/4 board 7 inches wide and 10 feet long has 11.67 bd.ft. (7 x 10 x 2)
A stile is found in which type of door? Raised panel
Spacing for plywood used as a sheathing should be __ between each sheet. 1/16
lengthwise grain separation shake
When wood beams are placed inside a masonry or concrete pocket how much clearance is required on top, sides, and end of the beam? 1/2"
To make concrete more flow-able what admixtures should be used? super-plasticizer
What can retard the setting of concrete? Sugar
____ concrete is highly resistant to freeze and thaw cycles air -entrained
The upward migration of water in freshly placed concrete is known as bleeding
when should concrete masonry units be wet down? never
A guardrail system shall be capable of withstanding without failure a force of at least 200 lbs
The clearance between a scaffold and a power line less than 300 volts is 3 ft
psi for compressed air for cleaning 30
loose brick stacks of a height of ___ feet or more are prohibited. 4 ft
when drop testing a safety net what is the weight of sand 400 lbs.
In trench evacuations a means of egress is required with not more than ___ ft of lateral travel for employees 25
The weight of a bundle of joist bridging shall not exceed a total of 1000 lbs
OSHA requires masonry walls be higher than __ ft to be braced 8
a common drinking cup is prohibited...and gross. lol
What is a contractor's responsibilities in relation to hard hats must require use but not supply them
minimum number of toilet seats and urinals required for a job with 200 employees 4
For buildings under construction materials shall not be stored within how many feet of an exterior wall 10 ft
Maximum slope allowed for excavation less than 20 ft in total depth in a Type C soils 1-1/2 horizontal to 1 vertical
ladder side rails shall extend __ ft above the upper landing 3
Exposure to impulsive or impact noise should not exceed 140 db
Electric hand tools shall be either double insulated or grounded
The term kick out means an accidental release or failure of a beam
A mechanism that prevents firing of more than __ psi must be used on pneumatic tools. 100 psi
The top or top step of a ladder may be used as a step if never
The atmosphere in excavations greater than ___ ft must be tested before workers may enter. 4
When ascending or descending a ladder the user must face the ladder
for pneumatic-tired earth moving equipment whose max speed exceeds __ must be equipped with fenders 15
ladders placed against the wall must be sloped so that the horizontal distance from the foot of the ladder to the wall is ____ of the working length of the ladder. 1/4
When grading out for a house and the outside foundation walls are 27' x 47', you need excavation to be extra 2" all way around. How many square feet will be excavated? 1581 sf
Which rock is the easiest to rip? Sedimentary
When taking 4 inches of grade off of 3.5 acres, how many cubic feet of dirt will be removed? over 50,000 cf
What type of blade should be used when pushing soil longer distances? U shaped blade
When dozing over a long distance, what can be used to keep the dozer from losing its load? slot dozing or two dozers in tandem
Which of the following is not a way of compacting soil? vibration, static force, impact force, moisture control moisture control
A 45 degree slope is considered what % slope? 100 %
When doing dozer work, which of the following would be an advantage of an angled blade over a straight blade? Removes more material, removes less material, faster speed, sidecast material sidecast material
What is the first thing that needs done when getting ready to grade the foundation of a building and the property is 250' x300'? get erosion control permit
Which one would increase the dozer's blade capacity when moving materials? positive grading, negative grading, level grading, side grading negative grading
What soil group would be best for supporting a load bearing wall? well graded gravels
When excavating an area 245' by 300', the equipment can remove 100 cubic yards per hour. If 6" of grade is cut off the whole area, how many hours would it take? 15.88 hours
What type of foundation should be used for deep unstable soils? Mat
Soil that has the maximum amount of water it can hold is ______? saturated
A soil compaction test where no drilling required would be the _____? Nuclear test
What type of equipment should be used to dig a trench in soft soil? Tracked backhoe
Who has the toughest job on the jobsite? the contractor
A parking lot is 140' wide and slopes 1/8th" per foot. The highest elevation is 80' What is the lowest elevation? 78.5417
When measuring soil, what best describes bank cubic yards? natural undisturbed soil
The starting point is shown as Sta 0 + 00 and the next station is shown as sta2 +50, what is the distance between the two points? 250'
Reference stake reads sta 2+50, El 2500.47, and C 9.63. What would be the elevation below the reference hub? 2490.84
What best describes the term elevation? height above sea level
A point of known elevation would be considered a what? a benchmark
A hill rises 83 feet in a horizontal distance of 227' . What is the slope in percent? 36.56%
checking grade / On set 1 he has a back site of 3' 9 1/4" and a front site of 1'6 5/8" Set 2 back site of 4 3/4" and front site of 1' 8 1/4" . Set 3 back site 5' 7 1/8" and front 2' 4 3/8" Difference between set 1 and 3? 7' 9 7/8"
What is the max. size opening in steel decking without reinforcement around opening? 6 inches
Which screws are typically used to attach metal decking to structural framing? #12s or 1/4" diameter
How to attach cables to open web joist when unloading? Put cables under bottom cord.
What type of steel decking has wire chases for telephone, electrical, and computer wires? Cellular decking
Deck bundles must be limited to a max. weight of 4000 lbs.
Devices designed to mechanically lock concrete and deck together on composite decking are known as shear connector devices
What is the proper way to store steel decking? Ground storage off the ground with one end elevated, if on framing they should be on the frame near a main supporting beam at column or wall, and bundles should always be stored tag side up
Metal decking has one side painted. Which side should concrete be placed on? unpainted side
Metal decking that is .0598" thick would be what gauge material? 16
When placing metal decking and aligning the edge, what should the worker be doin? kneeling
When fastening deck to structural framing you should provide a min. of how much end bearing? 1 1/2 "
The weld develops its strength by holding around the perimeter. A good weld will have what percentage or more of its perimeter working? 75%
If you install a C4x5.4 extend and fasten to 3 ribs beyond the opening on each side, what would be the maximum size opening you could use perpendicular in the decking? 24 "
On an open web joist 43 ' long, what would be the approximate camber needed? 3/4"
A typical joist girder is designated as 36G9N6K, what would be the depth at mid-span? 36"
What is the maximum depth on a longspan open web joist ? 48"
Standard weight of bridging bundle? 1000 lbs.
What is the best way to store open web joist on the job site? Upside down on wooden blocks in a vertical position
The stabilizer plates for joist girders must be a minimum size of _____ and extend at least 3" below the bottom chord of the girder? 6 x 6
For joist girders the min. end anchorage must be 2 1/4 " fillet welds 2 " long or two 3/4" diameter bolts
When setting square ended joist girders they must be set right side up. How do you know that you have set them properly? at the support end the diagonal web rus from the top chord down to the bottom chord
Bridging is typically furnished in what length? 20 '
Cast in place slabs shall not be less than 2" thick
What thickness of steel decking would require weld washers? less than 0.028 " thick
A working area should be how wide when erecting steel decking? 12 '
After all the bridging is installed, what final field weld are to be made on the bearing seas of the joists? two 1/8" fillet welds 1 inch long at each end
When installing roof decking, what should be the min. approximate end lap over supports? 2 inches
How much load should roof and floor steel decking be able to support during erection? 30 psf for roof and 50 psf for floor
On steel decking, sheet to sheet fastening should be down how? Screws, button punching, or welds
When erecting K-series joists supported by masonry or concrete the ends shall extend not less than 4 inches on the wall and rest on a steel plate of not less than what width? 6 inches
Welding side laps is not recommended for which deck types? .028"
A camber on an open web joist would be doing what? flexes up in the middle
When banding tendons how many should be banded in a group? Not more than 5 1/" diameter tendons and not more than 4 0.6 " diameter tendons should be banded together in a group
What is the recommended minimum space between tendons? 1 1/2"
In normal weight concrete for groups of six or more 1/2 inch diameter single strand tendons with anchor spacing of 12" or less should be what? Should be reinforced
What is the min. bearing depth on an open web joist? On a K type joist 2 1/2" is the min. bearing depth
What is the max. that sheathing should be cut back on tendons behind an anchor? 1 inch
Tendons should be put in proper place and unrolled from ? from fixed end
If tendon is to be stressed from both ends, how much should be left outside the edge form? 1 foot
In stressing operations, the final stress should be pre-calculated to use an approximately what percentage of the full stroke fo the jack on the final pull? 60%
A method of prestressing in which tendons are tensioned after the concrete has hardened is called what? post tensioned
What is the proper way to store tendon coils? They should be stored in a dry area on dunnage to keep the tendons off the ground.
What is the proper way to unload tendon coils? Cradle coils by passing nylon straps through the center of coils
Concrete should harden to what percentage of its full strength before the tendons are stressed when doing post tensioned concrete? 75% of full strength
In most field applications the amount of force that will actually be applied to the strand will be approximately what percentage of the MUTS of the strand? 80%
Which admixture should never be added to post-tensioned concrete? calcium chloride
What is the purpose of the sheathing on tendons used in post-tensioned concrete? Prevents the concrete from bonding to the pre-stressing steel and contains the P-T coating and a barrier to corrosion
For constant amount of air-entraining admixture, air content increases as slump increases up to how many inches? 6 to 7"
What is the max. dosage of slag in concrete where exposed to deicing conditions? 50%
What will increase the abrasive strength of concrete? low water-cement ration, harder aggregate, and steel-troweled surface
What is the purpose of using vibrators when doing concrete work? They get rid of air voids and moves aggregate to bottom
Usually air-entrained lightweight concrete has a slump of 2 to 3 inches, what would be the max. slump you would seldom exceed? 5 inches
Tools used for finishing air-entrained concrete should be constructed from what? Aluminum or magnesium
Aggregates used in concrete are divided into two groups. Describe the two groups fine aggregate up to 3/8" and courses aggregate up to 1"
What are the advantages of reducing the water content in the water cement ration? Increased resistance to weathering, reduced drying shrinkage and cracking, and less volume change from wetting and drying
Hydration and strength gain virtually stop when the relative humidity within the concrete reaches which percent? 80%
What is true concerning the water content for air-entrained concrete? takes less water
What are the basic causes of cracks in concrete? stress due to applied loads and stress due to shrinkage or temperature changes
How deep should isolation joints be when used in concrete? The full depth of the slab
What type of joint is used when you separate areas of concrete placed at different times? construction joint
Where formwork is being used, what type of Portland cement would be used so that formwork could be removed as soon as possible after placement on a concrete wall? Type 3
What will increase the strength gain in concrete? use less water, use an accelerating mixture, or increasing curing temperature
What is used to make concrete? portland cement, water, sand and gravel
When doing concrete work where you have areas of closely spaced and congested steel, what type of admixture should be used in the concrete? superplasticizer
Some plasticizers can retard the final set time in concrete up to what time? 1 to almost 4 hours
Calcium chloride should be added to ________. The mixing water
What is the max. amount of calcium chloride that may be added to a concrete mixture? 2% of weight of portland cement
ASTM C 94 limits the time between batching and complete discharge of the concrete at the job site. Within 90 minutes or 300 revolutions
What are some of the worst defects caused by under vibration when doing concrete work? honeycombing, sand streaks, placement lines
Which ASTM report tells how you test freshly mixed concrete? ASTM C 172
What is the most generally accepted method used to measure the consistency of concrete? slump test
Lightweight concrete must have a min. compression strength of 3000 psi
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