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Anti-Parkinson's Medications: levodopa/carbidopa (Sinemet)

What is the prototype drug for this class? levodopa/carbidopa (Sinemet)
What are symptoms of Parkinson's Disease? (5) 1.) shaking 2.) tremors 3.) difficulty speaking 4.) shuffled gait 5.) decreased levels of dopamine
How does this medication work? (3) 1.) Promotes dopamine synthesis 2.) Activate dopamine receptors 3.) Prevent dopamine breakdown
What does this medication provide? Give examples (3) Symptomatic relief from dyskinesias 1.) bradykinesia 2.) resting tremors 3.) muscle rigidity
What does this medication help increase? The ability to perform ADLs
What is a disadvantage of this medication? It tends to "wear off" after 5 years of treatment
Being that this drug a combination drug, how does each medication work? (2) 1.) levodopa crosses the blood-brain barrier & is converted to dopamine 2.) carbidopa is used to augment levodopa by DECREASING the amount of levodopa that is CONVERTED to dopamine in the intestines & periphery (allows more to reach CNS)
What is the biggest adverse effect of this medication? (3) Nausea/vomiting/drowsiness
How do you prevent N/V/drowsiness? Administer WITH food
What kind of food should the patient avoid eating and why? Avoid taking with foods HIGH IN PROTEIN or PYRIDOXINE This inhibits & reduces the effects of the drug
What vital signs should the nurse monitor while their patient is taking this medication? Why? (2) 1.) Blood pressure because this medication can cause orthostatic hypotension 2.) ECG because this medication can cause tachycardia & palpitations
Why do the cardiovascular effects take place? The sympathetic NS has been activated
Created by: amydawsonpool13