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Science Test 12-4-14

In sexual reproduction, the offspring receive ONLY HALF of the genes from each parent. This is why the offspring DO NOT look exactly alike.
genetics the study of heredity
Gregor Mendel father of genetics
allele different forms of a single gene
dominant allele a variation of a gene that masks a recessive allele. It is represented by a capital letter when doing Punnett Squares.
recessive allele a variation of a gene that is hidden by a dominant allele. It is represented by a lower case letter when doing Punnett Squares.
genes segments of DNA that carry hereditary information from the parents to the offspring. They are the codes for proteins and are found on chromosomes.
genotype an organism’s genetic make up. The two alleles that make up the gene. For example TT, or Bb, or Yy.
phenotype the physical characteristic of an organism. For eacmple: brown hair , blue eyes, tongue roller. It is the trait that is physically seen.
pure bred both allels for the gene are the same. For example: BB, bb, or tt, or YY.
hybrid One allele for the gene is dominant and one is recessive. Hybrid genotypes always lead to dominant phenotypes.
heredity the passing on of traits from parents to offspring.
Punnett Squares a chart used to help you figure out the probability of receiving a trait.
probability in genetics, probability is the chance of getting a certain genotype or phenotype.
Butterflies, fruit flies, and frogs all go through Metamorphosis
The metamorphosis of a butterfly and a fruit fly is called _____________________. The metamorphosis of a frog though is called incomplete because there is no cocoon or pupa stage. complete metamorphosis
The four stages of development for the fruit fly are Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult.
Inside the nucleus of a human cell are __ chromosome The chromosomes are made of DNA. We can compare a chromosome to a ball of yarn. The ball itself is the chromosome and the yarn is the DNA. 46
DNA is made of four nitrogen bases, adenine (A), thymine (T), cytosine (C) and guanine (G). Adenine always pairs with Thymine and Guanine always pairs with cytosine.The way you look is determined by proteins.The proteins that you are made from are determi True
____________is when you choose two organisms of the same species to mate for a particular purpose. Farmers have been doing this for many years. For example, let's say a farmer had a small crop of tomatoes that had a dominant allele for largeness. In this Selective breeding
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