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body structure &term

antrum antr/o
blood hem/o
bone oste/o
cell cyt/o
fat adip/o
heart muscle myocardio
muscle my/o
nerve neur/o
organ organ/o
tissue hist/o
ana up
cata down
dis apart
dys pain
endo within
mal bad, ill
meta change
ia condition
ism condition
plasm formation
stasis controlling
um structure
bladder cyst/o
bone marrow myel/o
hair pil/o
kidney nephro
nail onych/o
ovary oophor/o
stomach gastr/o
ureter ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
metabolism= Catabolism + anabolism
any nearly closed cavity or chamber antrum
pointed extremity of a conical structure apex
the largest or most important part of an organ body
any vaultlike or arched body fornix
the base or the deepest part of a hollow organ that is farthest from the mouth of the organ fundus
recess, exit or entrance of a duct into a gland or of nerves and vessles into an organ hilium
the space within an artery, vein, intestind or tube lumen
a cavity or channel in bone, a dilated channel for blood or a cavity to permit the escape of purlent material sinus
a small space of cavity at the beginning of a canal vestibule
what are the 4 types of tissues epithelial, connective, connective, muscular, nervous
Name the body systems Musculoskeletal, integumentary, gastrointestinal, urinary, reproductive, blood/lymphatic, cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous/behavioral special senses, and endocrine
anterior front or belly side
posterior back of body
superior toward the head
inferior toward the tail
medial toward the midline
lateral toward the side
superficial toward the surface
bilateral on both sides
proximal close to the point of attachment
deep away from the surface
distal far from the point of attachment
palmar palm of hand
plantar sole of foot
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