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Black Beauty

Black Beauty True/False

Black Beauty's mother told him that he should not bite and kick like the other foals. True
Dick, the plowboy, was kind and gentle with the horses. False
Black Beauty learned that the hunt was a brutal sport. True
Black Beauty loved wearing his new horseshoes. False
Ginger was a sweet ,well-tempered horse at Black Beauty's second home. False
At his second home, Black Beauty met Merrylegs, the pony. True
James saves the lives of Ginger and Black Beauty when they fell into the flooded river. False
When Little Joe Green replaces James, Joe turns out to be a skillful horse caretaker. False
After Black Beauty gets sick, Joe Green promises to learn more about horse care. True
When Ginger is forced to wear a bearing rein, she goes wild with fury. True
Black Beauty is hurt on a dangerous run, and is then sold to a livery stable. True
A livery stable is a place where horses are rented. True
Jerry, Black Beauty's next owner, is a coal miner and uses Black Beauty in the mines. False
Jerry is a kind and skillful horse owner. True
When Black Beauty sees Ginger for the last time, she is mistreated and wants to die. True
When Jerry can no longer work, Black Beauty is sold again. True
When Black Beauty falls down trying to pull a heavy load, he is sold at auction. True
When Black Beauty is sold to two women, he meets Joe Green again. True
At the end of the book, Black Beauty is happy .and well-cared-for. True